New main menu music!

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Re: New main menu music!

Post by Celtic_Minstrel »

Looks like it's already in the repository, but not yet wired in: ... cbf4084720

(Unless of course there was another commit after that which wired it in, but I suspect not.)
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Re: New main menu music!

Post by vultraz »

We'll wire it in for 1.14.0. Want to keep it more a surprise until then.
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Re: New main menu music!

Post by sdmr »

I'm relatively new to the forum, but I've played Wesnoth in the past and was never a fan of the original theme. This sounds much better.
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Re: New main menu music!

Post by The_Squished_Elf »

Gotta say, just found out about 1.14.x's release, booted it up and was absolutely floored by this music. I actually just sat there listening to it and have shut and restarted several times just to listen to it again :D
As a long time player, I feel it really ties together several of the more disparate tracks into something distinctly Wesnoth, increasing the sum of the whole and the value of all of its parts. Very well done!
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Re: New main menu music!

Post by name »

Well said.

This opening track delivers a massive improvement to the feel of the game overall. I can now get out of my habit of switching the opening theme back to transience in the config for each new release. :)
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Re: New main menu music!

Post by The_Gnat »

Yes I also just stumbled upon this thread (and had not previously heard about the planned updates to the music) but I absolutely love the new main menu song.

The old song was for me (having listened to it so many times) a classic, but the new song is just so great! It fits very well in with the rest and just kicks butt!
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