Nightfall [SP Deep Elves Campaign for 1.13]

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Nightfall [SP Deep Elves Campaign for 1.13]

Post by Kwandulin » November 20th, 2017, 12:58 pm

"The burning horde from the Far North has arrived, pillaging lands and destroying Lintanir, the home of the elves. While many of the elvish kind died to defend the woods, the spirits of the forests, the hearts of the woods, left them all alone. But that is not how the line of elves will end. A voice from the forbidden parts of Lintanir forest has promised them far greater powers. A gift that they cannot turn down - even if it means leaving behind the ones they once were. Accompany the three elves Ailiandil, Echelana and Moraen and join their journey to find a way to avert the danger that is putting the continuance of Lintanir at risk."
(Medium difficulty, 15 scenarios)

Nightfall aims to be an introductory campaign to the Deep Elves.

  • play with three elvish heroes - each with their own AMLA path (uses the same hero system as OoA and CiS)
  • play with the unique Deep Elves faction (with 22 fresh units!) that has never been seen before in a campaign and discover their history and influence on the dealings and doings of the Great Continent
  • discover new realms of the Great Continent
The newest version of the campaign can be downloaded via the add-on server that is accessible from Wesnoth 1.13.x. Make sure to have the latest version of the Deep Elves faction installed.

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Re: Nightfall [SP Deep Elves Campaign for 1.13]

Post by tr0ll » November 20th, 2017, 1:31 pm

Some error messages i saw in the console when loading the add-on (and its dependency The Deep Elves automatically):
Strangely some of errors seem to relate to completely different add-ons. It is a fresh install of 1.13.10 with no prior add-ons.
I loaded the campaign and got to the start of 2nd scenario. The following additional errors appeared in the console:
seems quite playable so far though

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