Khalifate Vs Mass Trolls Or Drakes

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Re: Khalifate Vs Mass Trolls Or Drakes

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I don't believe he is referring to the thought of literally recruiting only trolls. Included in are wolf riders and naga as needed. You will be fighting on equal income.

The issue that the Khalifate have when fighting trolls is that they simply don't have any cost efficient units that provide the damage per hex needed to finish trolls. Even their archers with fire damage don't reach the critical mass of damage needed to actually finish the trolls off. The khalifate can trade remarkably well with trolls, they can do strong strikes at any time other than night, they can riddle the trolls with ranged attacks and dance away from retaliation but even when they have a trolls they can attack from 3 hexes, they simply won't kill them. There's an effect where once your opponent reaches a certain mass of units that can regenerate where if you can't consistently provide that level of damage without investing too heavily in very inefficient units, you will never be able to win a war of attrition even if you are significantly more efficient.

EDIT: As a note, his statement presupposes that the northerner is starting with near this critical mass of trolls with enough things to grab villages. As he himself noted, most northerner players don't start with mass trolls as most races don't have the same problems dealing with trolls that the Khalifate do.

Khalifate do actually have to tools to fight this kind of battle, the problem is that they need to pay too much for them. The heavy cavalry mentioned earlier can provide the initial damage per hex needed, the healer can give your army a troll like quality of it's own and Jundi and Naffat can do the efficient damage needed. The problems is that by the time you have all these tools assembled in the appropriate quantities and on every front, if the northerner player has been pressuring you properly you'll have already be forced into a bad situation where it probably won't be enough.
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Re: Khalifate Vs Mass Trolls Or Drakes

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im mostly playing isars cross; very small map which falcons Do not excel at.
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Re: Khalifate Vs Mass Trolls Or Drakes

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This is not a good bump. Why don’t you make a full post describing the problem you are having (in which matchup), and post it at the Strategy and Tips forum.

Also you may wish to link back to this thread with an explanation of why it didn’t answer your questions. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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