Invasion from the Unknown ( for Wesnoth 1.12

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Invasion from the Unknown ( for Wesnoth 1.12

Post by notshadowm »

Invasion from the Unknown
2015 Next-Gen 6G Cloud-Responsive Preview Edition!
It has been nearly 10 years of hard work, but at last, it is here! The long-awaited next-generation version of Invasion from the Unknown is here! Tell your parents! Tell your kids! Tell your dog! Tell your doctor! (No, seriously, tell your doctor.)


Development of Invasion from the Unknown first started in year 2005 when the founder of Shadowm Productions found herself accosted by giant termites deep in the forests of Southern Chile. The leader of the termites demanded $100,000 USD in exchange for releasing shadowm’s pet cat, an extraordinaire feline possessing the key to the secrets of the universe, who was being held captive by the foul creatures in a dark temple underground. shadowm did not have such an absurd amount of money, and knew that attempting to fight the termites would result in certain death. In a sudden bout of courage, she brandished her trustworthy ballpoint pen and grabbed a single sheet of paper, and rapidly scribbled down a legitimate-looking banknote and handed it to the nefarious insects. Their leader glanced over it, nodded in approval, and ordered the cat’s release; after all, arthropods are notorious for their rampant illiteracy rates.

Two years later, shadowm released the first version of Invasion from the Unknown, a deep reflection on the purposelessness of modern life and politics, spiced up with intricate allegories derived from modern research on psychology, zoology, and computer science.

Eight years later, the first complete version of After the Storm, the award-winning official sequel to Invasion from the Unknown, was published.


If an answer to this question existed, psychiatrists, lawyers and politicians would be out of a job, don’t you think?


Invasion from the Unknown is available for a limited time only on the experimental branch of the add-ons server, accessed in-game by connecting to, or on the Web by browsing to This release of the campaign is intended to work with Wesnoth 1.12.x only. Future development versions are not supported.

Please note that we cannot provide full technical support for this preview version. By downloading this campaign, you agree to not hold Shadowm Productions responsible for any damage or environmental disasters that may arise from temporary or prolonged exposure to its contents.

Also note that this version of IftU is incompatible with 1.90.x from the 1.12 add-ons server and will overwrite it when installed.


Here! Please do not use any other topics for feedback, as that could potentially confuse players of the 1.90.x series and cause their nervous systems to permanently and irreversibly shut down.



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Re: Invasion from the Unknown ( for Wesnoth 1.12

Post by Xara »

Wow, just wow! What an overhaul :D
But I encountered a bug that crashes the wesnoth after triggering the event in the new version of the Mal'Keshar's cave :(
I don't know if it only happens to me or to others as well. My OS is Win8-64bit, and I'm using Wesnoth v1.12.1
It pronounces Sha'ha, not Zara.

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown ( for Wesnoth 1.12

Post by GbDorn »


User notshadowm:
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4096 posts but search returns only this one?
Seems legit.

Seems like the best campaign ever!

Launches Wesnoth.
Wait! Where is the 2nd chapter? I want a refund!