Wanted Ads and Resumes

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Wanted Ads and Resumes

Post by Vincinct »

okay:heres the idea for this thread:
If you need people to help you with creating something in game like factiosn or eras, or need teams to help you accomplish a large project this is where you will post.
If you want to help with stuff but dont know a specific thing,this is where you will respond.
okay,heres how your post should be written:
For wanteds:
for wanting jobs(resumes):

Responding to wanteds.:
response to resume(job offer):

Sample signature:
in this signature,our imaginary wanted ad writer will be called charlie Brown.A signature should look like this.
Vincinct;8/23/12: "charlie Brown" {WESNOTH}

As weird As it looks,just write it like that.

Simple enough right?

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Re: Wanted Ads and Resumes

Post by Iris »

And exactly why should this be in Off-Topic, instead of people starting individual and specific topics in the more appropriate target forums like usual?
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Re: Wanted Ads and Resumes

Post by Captain_Wrathbow »

What in the world? :doh:

There are so many problems with this...

For one thing, you're trying to meet a need that we don't have. I very seriously doubt that there are any capable coders/artists/writers who are just "looking for work" and would be interested in looking through a thread of "wanted" posts. I foresee that eventually this thread would turn into an idea dump for all of the lazy people who want someone else to do their work for them. Everyone has their own ideas and projects that they are working on; very few, if any, people are aimlessly looking to contribute to some other random person's idea.

Secondly, if it ever got used as much as you seem to think it would, this thread would get so bloated and clogged that it would be useless, or at least extremely difficult to sort through and find the things one wanted to find.

Thirdly, it is a very bad idea to encourage people to post their email addresses publicly, because the addresses can and will be very quickly picked up by spambots.

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