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Re: My lore thread

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PandaClaws wrote:This is my lore thread where I will post bits of mainline material that probably is not mainline quality. (But I am still practicing)
If it's good enough, you might be surprised. I got a few descriptions into the lore. It just takes a working knowledge of the current lore, a little creativity to fill in the gaps, and some polish. :wink:

Here is my take on what you've got so far:


Wolves are found in various climes all over Wesnoth and beyond, but they are especially numerous in the cold forests of the Northlands. Their thick fur and adaptability allows them to survive under even the harshest conditions. While weaker than bears and other large predators, wolves' cunning and group tactics allow them to take down prey ranging from mice to oxen. When given the opportunity, wolves may even attack humanoid prey. Their vicious teeth, powerful jaws, and wicked cunning establish them as some of the most feared animals of the Great Continent. Wolves feature prominently in the campfire tales of the superstitious folk who live within their territories, and many believe them to be ill omens or agents of evil.

Not much is known about the fearsome beast called the dire wolf. They are rarely seen near civilization, and their mere footprints are enough to cause many travelers and even experienced hunters to turn back.


Falcons are birds known for their amazing speed and eyesight. While hunting for mice or other small prey, they will dive at a velocity currently unmatched. Their speed and agility allows them to also snatch smaller birds from mid-air. Due to their capacities, tamed falcons are a prized possession of many nobles.

I might come back and take a crack at the saurians after you've had time to go over them a bit. Take note that their entry on the wiki is not necessary "official", so take it with a grain of salt. Feel free to read up on the saurian unit descriptions for additional inspiration.

Regarding religion in Wesnoth, I think one of the reasons it's largely unaddressed is that not many of us have the right combination of enough theological background, creativity, writing ability, motivation, and time to actually make a well-thought-out, realistic, and sensible belief system, or several considering that there are probably at least a few different sects just within Wesnoth and countless tribal religions among the orcs, saurians, etc. Even as someone who loves this kind of stuff, I find the task rather daunting. Plus, fictional religions usually fall into one of a few cliché pitfalls, so it might be best to just leave it to the players' imaginations for now. BfW is primarily a game about fighting -- it's right there in the name -- so a little lore is nice but not entirely essential to the experience.
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