Strange Issue

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Strange Issue

Post by Boulis »

Hello everyone,

On Dec. 14th my computer had a meltdown and I was forced to eventually wipe the hard drive. After some very expensive fixes I was finally able to get my computer back yesterday (Dec. 20th). One of the first things I did was to download and reinstall Wesnoth. When I tried to enter the multiplayer server, however, (using my handle "Boulis") it stated that I was "Banned for antisocial behavior." Since I have not played in a little more than a week and since the computer was not even functioning for most of that period I don't understand how this could have happened. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is it possible or even likely that player's accounts are hacked and if so what can one do about it?

Any help would be appreciated -- those who have played with me or against me on the server can vouch for my character. Thank you ahead of time for any suggestions.

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Re: Strange Issue

Post by Ken_Oh »

Rather than copy+paste, I'll just link to what Gambit just said : ... 68#p470668