critique my drake strategies

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Re: critique my drake strategies

Post by monochromatic »

Hmmm... I disagree. I admit I am not a good drake player (doesn't really fit my style), but drakes have such inherent low defenses and resists that they cannot make an effective battleline. The exception is the clasher, which is the only tank the drakes have. Clashers have a more defensive role except in certain matchups. But all the other units have a strong offensive role. Fighters are fast and can quickly overwhelm enemies with a powerful melée attack. Burners will then try to burn all the melee units. Then skirmishers will finish off any unit which the drakes couldn't. Then clashers can come up and defend the now vunerable drakes, and an augur can come and provide healing. This way the drakes operate in what I like to call "squads": and burner or fighter accompanied by a saurian, and maybe a clasher or augur to support.

Of course between different matchups some units are more effective than others, but I think this is good for attacking "generic" factions like northerners and maybe knalgans.
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Re: critique my drake strategies

Post by Hulavuta »

Well different strategies are in place for different players. Skirmishers aren't only used for Mop-up, but they can be used to hunt down Archers, which can take out Drakes. The Skirmisher and the Clasher are both highly needed against Calvary. The Skirmisher at night mostly though.
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Re: critique my drake strategies

Post by Yoyobuae »

I've found that one well place Glider can really do wonders to relieve some of the pressure of your other drakes. Only some factions (like loys or undead) can completely obliterate the glider on with a single unit. So threatening multiple villages tends to force 2 or more units into village guarding duties. Which is perfectly fine, since the glider himself is rather cheap.

Grouping together does have some benefits. More units will benefit from augur healing. If a village must be held at all costs (for example, to avoid northerners from powering up too much), then the only way to be absolutely sure is to put one unit at the village, surrounded by 2 other units. Like that, at least 2 kills are needed to reach the village (unless there's skirmishers around). Killing one drake in a turn is not that hard, killing 2 of them in a row might be a bit out of reach for some factions (ie. Northies).

Also, skirms vs northies is a big no-no. A single strong orc grunt has 16% CTK a non-resilient skirm at night (14-2 damage). The grunt gains 2 points of damage (per hit) on saurians when strong!!! :annoyed: Similar problem happens with at nightime with strong-backstabbing thiefs (14-3), anytime with strong elvish fighters (7-4), at daytime strong fencers (7-4). I wish the -10% blade resistance was reconsidered, at least on saurian skirmishers. :hmm:
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