War of Chaos Era

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War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »



v 0.5 BETA

new factions mountainfolk and cave dwellers added

new weapon special dizzying added

new ability discourage added

colour modification lists changed

afflicted and leviathen level 1 exp changed

grim changed to level 0

missing image frames for leviathen ballista captain added

v 0.4.10

afflicted shadow reaper/assassin weakened

geneticist bio-warrior, electroneer, and mech dartsman price increased

shra images modified

new utillity programed that randomly alters a units colour on recruit (over 500 possible variations for each unit)

maps updated for last new race

v 0.4.9

map "the isle of mann" removed

all maps modified and rebalanced in preparation for the first new faction

divine order missle modifications

new attack icon animations

various attack type changes

v 0.4.8

added flying and hovering abilities (add no new bonus, just text saying the unit can fly/hover)

natural harpie thrasher weakened

avatars boosted and different leveling paths now have different stats

imp evade boosted

all elvish wounding attacks number of hits reduced

elvish scout ranged attack damage reduction

alterations made to dryaad and sprite abilities

all leaders rebalanced

v 0.4.7

WOC maps modified and balanced

defensive gain fixed

v 0.4.6

name generation perfected

dhampir changed to shra'pir

level 0 for shrapir/shadir made

movements for high level units and scouts reduced

afflicted high damage/abilities reduction for all units

afflicted gold cost and exp requirements reduced

difficult arts taken off imp arts

leviathen evade increased

half wolfs hp as well as damage increased

avatars hp boosted

half wolfs given recovery and forest kin

dryads given forest kin

naturals hp increased and traits max is now 3

leviathen rogue damage boosted

leviathen rebel hp increased

elvish evade decreased

v 0.4.5

multiple race entries problem fixed

name lists improved/added/revised

ability preparation added and given to the leviathen rebel and divine swordsman

leviathen barbarian given brutality attack

ability careless removed

unused old abilities removed

ability name changes

fortress kin ability added to game, given to some divines and leviathens

v 0.4.4

sound bug fixed

afflicted race descriptions updated

v 0.4.3

the elves no longer have any chaotic units

afflicted defences lowered

race descriptions added

v 0.4.2

Initiated final 0.4 image modifications

v 0.4.1







all divine units HP reducation and Resistance modifications

caution now multiplies the opponents damage by 0.8, and yours by 0.9

aggression now multiplies your damage by 1.2, and the opponents by 1.1

genetic dartsmith level one given poison, higher levels given brutality

genetic apprentice 4 gold cheaper

imp arts now does less damage and has intimidate

divine swordsmen given 1 less exp cost

divine spearmen given 1 more damage

patrollers given retaliation and 1 more movement and 1 gold cheaper

acolytes damage increased by 1

visage concealment now works on mountains and swamps as well as towns and forrests

new trait sneaking added (allows invisible on towns, forrests and mountains)

trait descriptions added

harpie thrasher exp requirements increased

various animation WML errors fixed

AMLA modifications

ranged leaders added onto every team

healing, recovery, putrefaction, and brutality now all go through minor, regular, major, and grand

several spelling corrections made

WML changes made to simplify abilities

elf battle master/ battle expert weakened

harpie warlord wml fixed (feather barage made available, attack animations fixed)

leviathen rogues given poison

shamans and illusionists given putrifaction

missing animation frames replaced

generals now unable to get immune trait (it has the same effect as general trait)

heal and regenerate ability name/effect changes

ability heals added to more units

v 0.4 BETA

many missing animations added

afflicted illusionists images updated

divine priestess cast image fixed

second divine judge image changed

melee divine judge image changed

spearman defend animation fixed

divine sanctifier image changed

divine spiritualist image changed

mutant general image changed

mutant lord image changed

genetic destructor image changed

genetic caster image changed

sorceror apprentice image changed

elf trapper image changed

elf imobaliser image changed

elf hunter image modified

battle caster image redone

various leviathen unit graphics altered slightly

shaman image redone

slight AMLA changes

defenses modified slightly

resistances changed slightly as well as adding stabing and hacking resistances

added stabing and hacking damage types

damage types name modifications

all mainline abilities other than heals and regenerates replaced with different names

v 0.3.9

more useless text and WML removed from WML files

greater/lesser mutation, mutant lord/general, genetic caster/destructor images modified

all marksman weapon specials replaced with accuracy

sniping now hits at 80%, retaliation now hits at 60%

all magical weapon specials replaced with either illisuionry, elementalism, divinity, shamanism, or sorcery

shadow assassin race now fleshless and new movement/defense pattern

dhampir recovery trait removed

leviathen wolf riders given their own movement/defense pattern

various WML updates for 1.6.X

v 0.3.8

mutations split into two - greater mutation from recruit and genetic expert
- lesser mutation from genetic apprentice and genetecists

trait traveller added

folder paths modified

old/unused/unimplimented WML removed

war of chaos updated for 1.6.x use

illusionists now have their own movement/defense paterns

divine patroller defense modified

many genetecist unit graphics changes.

v 0.3.7

multiple bugs causing some units not to have abilities fixed (thanks to Damian for pointing them out)

attack animations made to last longer

many elf and divine images contrast/saturation enhanced

all dhampir units images updated

v 0.3.6

new leader added to each team

leviathens and divines default images modified

gargoyle goliath and death howler graphics updated

v 0.3.5

multiple divine units increased saturation and contrast

all shra hp reduced, shratley ranged attack damage reduced

afflicted illusionist and dhampir chains, damage boosted and attack number reduced

race name modifications

trait evasive added

attack animations altered to look smoother

hellion units changed to appear more demonic

hellion and corrupt humans given new trait lists

leviathen race changed from human rebels to hellion / corrupt humans

leviathen athlete and far reacher damage reduced

v 0.3.4

unit description updates, as well as some more name changes

bad idle animations removed

minor idle animation alterations for some units

v 0.3.3

unit name/attack name alterations

WML changes to allow Era to run on Ubuntu operating systems successful

v 0.3.2

Faction name changes

modified factions/era/definitions CFG files to try and fix problems on some machines

v 0.3.1

missing animations fixed

missing unit advances fixed

units updated to comply with leveling rules

v 0.3 BETA

Idle animations added for leaders and level 1s

new leader available for each team

Additional units to each team

rebalancing, less exp required, less improvement of stats on level up

race and trait modifications

defend and evade modifications

ability modifications

AMLA modifications

new attack icons added (attack type coded by colour)

leaders weakened

v 0.2.8

attack icons added

following units added:
-elven scout
-advanced scout
-elven assassin
-night walker

v 0.2.7

missing projectile animations added

elven levitatress graphics changed

new units level 4 elves added:
-master ranger
-mage valliant
-elven airborne
-crazy blade

v 0.2.6

elves names altered

many scouts damage weakened

new units level 4 elves added:
-shadow master
-master bodyguard
-path finder
-psi mysteek
(note; to get to level 4 you must choose refined leveling path)

three maps removed and others altered

all race trait lists modified

trait shielded added (increases resistance to magic by 20% and gves hp and exp penalty)

trait recovery added (heals 2 hp per turn and slows poison)

trait divinity added (gives illuminate)

mech-dartsman exp increased

bio-warrior exp increased

half wolf exp increased

nymph exp increased

careless defense penalty decreased

barbarian exp reduced

v 0.2.5

due to new skills/modifications added the following units had damage weakened
-war elite
-border guard
-wolf beast
-all level 2 and 3 refined elves

divine zealot javelin throw weakened

weapon special retaliation added (70% chance to hit when used in defense).
units with retaliation:
-wolf man
-wolf beast
-divine pikeman
-divine border guard
-war elite
-planned for future units when the next set of higher leveled units are released

naturals level 1s exp requirements reduced and small hp boost

elves modified, refined is now chosen after leveling once:
Advantages of going refined:
-slightly higher hp
-stlightly higher total damage
-more leveling paths available
-exp requirements about 40%-60% higher
-the exp requirements are higher than the stat bonuses

all Grims movement weakened, ability gains reduced and hp reduced

Elven heir leveling fixed

Geneticist resistances reduced

leviathen evade increased

v 0.2.4

leviathen recruits fixed

v 0.2.3

leviathen athlete graphics modified

afflicted dhampir desecrator defense increased

all leaders power decreased and move increased

afflicted armoured holy resostance slightly increase

behemoth idle animation added

all shra damage decreased

barbarian damage increased

leviathens exp requirements reduced

trait experiance penalties reduced

grim spawn master leveling fixed

v 0.2.2

leviathen barbarian idle animation added

elven caster elven fire sound starts earlyer

afflicted shra'dir idle animation added

afflicted shadow warrior idle animation added

afflicted champion idle animation added

afflicted gargoyle idle aniamtion added

afflicted grim spawn idle animation added

Afflicted dhampir idle animation added

Afflicted battle legend graphics changed

Afflicted mercenary attack and defense animations changed

trait powerful exp penalty technichal adjustment

Afflicted mercenary idle animations added

v 0.2.1

trait vitality changed to adding 2 hp + 4 hp per level

Dryad slows ability now active

race name lists modified

races trait list revised

two new traits (Armoured and Chaining) added

Battle elf and elven runner price reductions

The divine order resistances boosted

electroneer/mutant cost reduced

Genetecists resistanced boosted

half wolf chain hp reduced

Divines icon replaced

v 0.2.0

All leaders rebalanced

Grim spawn chain renamed

Afflicted mercenary blood-slasher chain renamed

all generals rebalanced

weapon special balance added to leviathen barbarian chain

Unique Divines AMLA added

almost ALL exp requirement / damage / resistances changed due to leveling system change

Leveling system changed to straight forward 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 system

Afflicted traits reduced

sprite chain renamed

dryad added to sprite leveling chain

trait viscious exp penalty reduced from 30% to 20%

ability inactive names added

v 0.1.9

levitatress refined added to elvish caster refined chain

elvish battle master/expert hp reduced

naturals leader name/description change

Leviathen cave movement reduced

Dragon Mount added to the leviathen wolf mount chain

shra'lmire attack frame speed slowed

Shra'vlin attack animation altered

v 0.1.8

Divines/Leviathens/Naturals resistances modified

Attack "lethal dose" added to the genetic apprentice chain

Elven battle mistress move reduced by 1

Elven witch leveling bug fixed

Shra'dir, Shra'lmire, Shr'vlin added to the afflicted team

Added Shra AMLA

Added ability intimidate

Fixed varying regeneration levels

Divine spear guardian experianced units removed

Afflicted battle perfectionist removed, battle legend improved

Afflicted shadow warrior chain had "experianced" units removed

All instances of dhampir drain changed by -1 attacks

Added ability careless (halved resistances on offense) added to the barbarian chain

Leviathen barbarian chain improved resistances

v 0.1.7

Trait powerful changed from adding 20% max exp to 5 max exp

Trait immune changed from adding 10% max exp to 15% max exp

Grim physical resistances weakened

Dragon Rider graphics modified

Bio-warrior leveling chain damage reduction

The Divine Judge graphics altered

Naturals graphics improved, extra contrast, brightness and colour added

The Divine Order graphics improved, extra contrast, brightness and colour added

Elvish Elite graphics improved, extra contrast, brightness and colour added

v 0.1.6

Some attack icons still weren't showing, this has been fixed

Traits replaced with custom set of traits (each random trait now has positives and drawbacks)

Dragon Rider added to the divine order patroller leveling chain

Shaman graphics altered

All Factions resistances and weaknessess tweaked for balancing reasons

Electroneers and Electrocutioners damage reduced

Max resitance given by disarment changed from 60% to 30%

Mutant AMLA now has an exp increase of 20% per level

General AMLA has had an exp increase raised from 20% to 30%

V 0.1.5

Electroneer and Electrocutioner added to the Genetecist faction

Genetic Brute added to the Geneticists bio-warrior leveling chain

Imp brute / Imp Warlord added to the Naturals Imp leveling chain

Spearman graphics altered

Divine Judge graphics altered

Mutant General level bug fix

Invalid abilities replaced with defense weighting

References to blunt replaced with impact (bug fix)

Bug causing attack icons not to show fixed

added more symmetry and diversity to several maps

Abilities modified/added/removed on many generals

Geneticists modified

-bio-warrior (damage/attacks modifications) (balance added)
-bio-mutant (damage/attacks modifications) (aggression and balance added)
-bio-jugganaut (damage modifications) (balance added)
-mech-dartsman (damage/attacks modifications)
-advanced-dartsman (damage/attacks modifications)
-mech-perfectionist (damage/attacks modifications)
-mutation (price reduction 25 -> 19)

essentially balance was added to the bio-warrior chain and both the dartsman and bio-warrior chain had
slight damage increases, or simply reduced attacks and raised damage.

V 0.1.4

Balancing changes made to most units

4 Generals added to each faction

All missing attack/defend/death animations added

Ability "tactics" added

Leader AMLA added, no health restored but stat increases (max 3)

General AMLA added (max 5)

Mutant AMLA added, no stats are added, but hp is restored (max 2)

Naturals AMLA added, no health restored but stat increases (max 3)

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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by woodmouse »

Where can this era be downloaded? Sorry I'm stupid, but just had to ask...
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by cretin »

it will probably be on the 1.5.x developemental server addon list.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Juan- »

I find a problem, after downloading the Era, appear a window and say me: "There was a problem creating the files necessary to install this add on". The add on didnt appear in th Eras.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

thats unusual, I downloaded it to see if it would work and didn't have any problems.

Maybe you were downloading as I uploaded an update.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

Updates added to initial post, I have modified this Era to be suitable for the stable 1.4.x version, and have uploaded it. If there are any issues please notify me =)
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Mabuse »

half of the maps are not working in 1.4.x
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

yeah, I just noticed that, I'm going to go through it now and fix it up.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

still need some feedback, at the moment I'm just adding new units and balancing existing ones. What don't you like/ do you like? Any units need changing, don't like some of the leveling paths? I have received very little feedback which makes it difficult to improve my Era.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Peter the Great »

I don't like how you skip around with levels, for example, the Harpy line goes from L1 to L2 to L7 witch not only is confusing but it also violates RIPLIB.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Rhishisikk »

I'd like to say that I enjoy what I've seen of this era so far. It's nice that the era has so much detail and work done already. I look forward to seeing what becomes of it. If it weren't so vastly different from normal Wesnoth, I'd have marked it for inclusion into my ANLU project. :)

So thank you for putting so much work into this era, and incidentally for saving me from extra work.
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Madnessbane »

thank you both for your input, I am currently making the leveling more simplistic, i.e. 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4

I'm hoping to eventually make units go up to level 5/6, but I agree that the drastic skips in levels dont make much sense. It will take a while to upload the fixes because a lot of rebalancing has to be done (due to the difference in upkeep and exp give outs)
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Re: War of Chaos Era

Post by Akkarin345 »

Yeah thats the problem i found, i'd get a army of about 5 lv 7's and the AI sends 10 lv 1's and as they kill them automatically level up about twice sometimes and going from ebign the strongest to the weakest in about 2 turns.
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