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Re: Now Accepting Donations

Post by Darth Jordius »

Edit: This post previously sounded a bit ridiculous.

Perhaps you could have a donation contest and give the winner the choice of a title on the forum.
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Re: Now Accepting Donations

Post by nataS »

Or you could implement something like this: Since everyone badly wants the five star general rank, Dave would be able to buy a complete Wesnoth server park within no time. But seriously, I do believe giving people that donated something of a sponsor title might help. No need for epic battles over who donates the biggest amount of money. Rember: "It's terribly hard for rich people to get into God's kingdom!" - So donate all your money to Wesnoth!
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Re: Now Accepting Donations

Post by tr0ll »

my donation went in under another name, but i am not looking for any reward beyond the joy of having contributed toward this amazing and beautiful collaborative work of art and entertainment.
secondly, i feel that ranking donations is disrespectful to those with less wealth, but perhaps that is an Offtopic topic.
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Re: Now Accepting Donations

Post by _Samael_ »

Can you tell exactly what kind of server are you looking to rent? Maybe i could help, but i need the "minimum".
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Re: Now Accepting Donations

Post by Dave »

Thank you to everyone who donated!

Wesnoth has now reached a stage where we have enough revenue (from ads and participation in GSoC) that we don't need to ask users for money any more, so we don't need any donations.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us though.

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