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My Question

Post by SaintDust »

Sometimes when i play a MP game on the server i see someone hosting different kind of versions of wesnoth.
Like the Dark Alliance and White Alliance.

I was wondering if there is a quick help guide on making your own factions and setting up a game such as that..
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Post by toms »

Dark and white alliance are factions of the Great War Era, AFAIK. To get it, click on the button below the map preview in the starting dialog, then chose the era.
Making an own faction needs more work. Visit the faction&er contributionsd forum for more info.
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Post by jg »

Making your own faction takes time and work... ... if you want to do a proper one. This is because you have to do all the art, stats and put all of it together and ensure it works. If you do something everyday (and the faction isn't that big), you could do it perhaps in a ~month. Proper ones can take half a year and sometimes a lot more...

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Post by Duffchong »

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Post by zookeeper »

If you wanted to, you could of course very easily create a new era consisting only of mainline units (just like how the default era, great war and age of heroes are). Don't know how interesting that would be, however.
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Post by jg »

zookeeper wrote:Don't know how interesting that would be, however.
And balanced... but not to discourage you, I would suggest you to just start off trying with simple experiments.

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