On downloading new versions of a UMC

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On downloading new versions of a UMC

Post by Zhukov »

(Not sure this is the right forum.)

If I want to download a new version of a UMC, do I need to delete the old version first?
I have heard that overwriting old versions with new ones can cause problems, but I'm not sure if that applies to campaign add-ons.
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Post by JW »

AFAIK you don't need to, but I guess it wouldn't hurt if you did just to be safe.

-I've never had a problem with it though.
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Post by jg »

I have nearly always did it over the old one, and it never got confused AFAIK.

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Post by turin »

No need to, I'm pretty sure.
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Post by Ken_Oh »

You should delete it because sometimes the campaign dev will change the filename of a unit (or scenario) and change something about it, but not change the id. Then the file will not over-write and the game might load the wrong file.
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