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Unit profile

Post by Shotor_Rider »

In the statistics you can see the inflicted damage, taken damage, their EV counterparts, number of recalls and killed. It would be nice and I think should be pretty easy to implement a profile for each unit that one recruits. So that we can see how many enemies that unit has killed how much damage has inflicted or recieved (with EV values) and how many times its been recalled or even the number of times it has attacked or defended.
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Post by stupac »

Nice idea. May seem silly to some people, but guys like me are into this kind of ridiculous depth, I don't know, I just have some kind of affinity for certain units, like they are my only friends... But seriously, why not? Wouldn't be hard to implement.
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Post by (S)elfish weirdo »

My sources inform me that this has been suggested before, and the devs hope to implement it eventually. Then again, my sources are also trying to convince me to purge the party from imperialistic tendencies and industrialise the USSR with a state driven five year plan and collective agriculture, so you probably shouldn't listen to them. Unless you want to avoid Gulag, that is.
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Post by Maeglin Dubh »

Almost verbatim the issue being proposed in this thread.

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