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Post by JW »

Neoriceisgood wrote: Abillities are only overpowered when the unit is made in such a manner that it overpowers the abillity.
^What he said. A 25-1 Impact Reload cannon attack on a unit that has no other attack that costs 12 gold let's say, I doubt would be overpowered.

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Post by Alks »

JW wrote: A 25-1 Impact Reload cannon attack on a unit that has no other attack that costs 12 gold let's say, I doubt would be overpowered.
Exactly. But in right hands it would be a nice feature and something quite new.

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Post by Lim-Dul »

I keep saying - versatility is good and is never wrong. Just like having many cards in Magic the Gathering or many skills in Guild Wars doesn't necessarily mean that you are better or worse, but you simply have more options and can adapt more easily.
War does not determine who is right - only who is left. - Bertrand Russell
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Post by irrevenant »

Lim-Dul wrote:
irrevenant wrote:]It's arguable whether it counts as "abuse". Surely if you have twice as many, half of which attack at a timedealing double damage, then it's bringing twice theamount of power per turn to bear as the status quo, and costing double to do it?
Good point.
Actually, I was wrong. The 'once every second turn, double-damage' thunderer is still more powerful, because it has the ability to focus the damage onto a smaller front.

In a standard Wesnoth clash of forces, each unit is adjacent to two enemies. With double-damage, two adjacent thunderers could kill any second-level unit, and most third-level units in a single turn. Only the Horseman with Charge (which places the unit at risk) can deliver almost as much damage in a single turn.

And that's a level 1 unit. The L2 Thunderguard would be able to deliver 56 damage in a hit. A single one would deliver instant death to most units.

Yes, they'd be vulnerable the next turn, but half the enemy force could be dead by then!

The numbers need some work; straight doubling isn't going to do it. 1.5x might be more balanced.

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