I need help with this portrait

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King Arthur
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I need help with this portrait

Post by King Arthur »

This is my first portrait, and I can't color it right, especially the hair. Can some artist here give me some help?
portraitkingarthur001.jpg (56.39 KiB) Viewed 1369 times
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Post by Jetrel »

It's a good idea to start at that resolution.
Your shading/coloring is also very clean-looking, being neatly separated into bands (good for cartoonishness, bad for realism).

Your shading, though primitive, is more or less correct for a light source coming from the upper-left-to-center-left side of the picture.

The shape of things is quite awry, however:
• The shoulders need to be even, or within a half-cm of being even, a measurement I'm giving relative to the size of your picture.
• Some of the lines need to follow smoother curves, which may be facilitated by using a bezier path tool instead of a pen tool (looking at this image, I'm guessing you drew it on a computer). This is especially evident on the shoulders/shirt.
• That cheek (his right) bulges out WAAY too much, even for him having a wad of something he's chewing in there.
• A good rule to follow for eyes is to put half an eye's width between the eye and the side of the head, and a full eye's width between the two eyes.
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