Expanding The Great Continent - [Dunefolk Habitat]

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Re: Expanding The Great Continent - [Dunefolk Habitat]

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Tom_Of_Wesnoth wrote: June 4th, 2020, 11:48 am I think there's probably a case for not having orcs in the south, purely because they're already so prominently featured across so many campaigns - by leaving them out of the south, we can give other factions a chance to shine, drakes in particular.

With that said, though, pirate orcs based on Palmiya could be quite interesting if handled well. Berber pirates could be a good source of inspiration.
See, I think something that could be done is the expansion of the Sea Orcs from Heir to the Throne. I know they originated as a joke character, but if orcs are going to exist in a new region and as pirates, might as well get some more use out of the sea orcs.
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