LordBob's commissionned work

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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by Zalminen »

I kinda like 14, 24 and 26.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by beetlenaut »

I think the generic ancient lich should remain mostly humanoid to provide more contrast for the bizarre bodies of the campaign-specific ones. I like number 3.

Also very glad that a finished HttT is in sight!
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by Dixie »

Number 3 is a cool humanoid one indeed. I also like 6 (but maybe without the mini skelly growing out of its hip?) and 30 (for the dynamic pose)
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by TheScribe »

I personally like 1 and 29. 1 does somewhat look like it'd be a lich, as opposed to an ancient lich though.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by swangdoodles »

Mefisto wrote:I understand that ancient liches represent power, insanity and pragmatism at the same time. Pragmatism in chosing the elements for his/ler body. So I would rule out versions with skeletal wings because they do nothing. I like versions 18 and 19 - the former because of crazy appearance, the latter because of additional hands.
Yeah, I agree with Mefisto. The wings are not necessary.
But I'm wondering about the word power...
I think a liches power is in emanating darkness and fear.
Not in having strength
The remains of his body are very old, and should show a lot of decay.
Compare the Draug and Banebow
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I think the Draug shows more strength, while the Banebow shows fear.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by bumbadadabum »

TheScribe wrote:I personally like 1 and 29. 1 does somewhat look like it'd be a lich, as opposed to an ancient lich though.
I agree with you, but not about the second part. They still seem more powerful than the lich, but also human, as I would image the ancient lich to be.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by Adamant14 »

My favourite is number 3 :)
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by Dugi »

23 is pretty good.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by Telchin »

LordBob is awesome as usually! I found some of these sketches bit hard to read (does 21 have a halo made of thorns above his head?), but this is because they're only sketches, so I don't doubt the finished portrait will be great. I agree with Mefisto that a generic lich shouldn't have wings as the unit doesn't fly in-game (it's a cool idea for a campaign specific unit though). I like 3, 10, 21 and 24.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by homunculus »

Ancient lich: 2, 3 (except the uncomfortably heavy looking snake head, I like the way it is on 22 more, and also maybe it resembles the elf hero portrait too much), 19.

Ordinary lich (which is criticism for being too ordinary in this context, I guess): 11, 17, 22.

Favorite poses: 17, 22.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by Sleepwalker »

I like 19, but mostly 21. Skip the halo though and maybe put 2 or 3's headgear there. 3 is nice but I'd like a more gaunt type. I like the pose and poking shoulderblades of 30 too.

14 = Styx ferryman? :p
16 really looks like a woman to me, with a face, long hair and dress. :o
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by vultraz »

I think 16 would be my fav. It just looks so spooky, and I'm sure LordBob would make it so.

Other than that, 2, 5, and 30 look nice. :)
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by LordBob »

Thanks to everyone for your input. Makes me wish I'd have enough time to make a full portrait out of every single sketch (sigh) :mrgreen:
Anyway, looks like #3 is a definite winner. You'll also be seeing more of #18 & 24, though that's because I like them a lot. Expect refined concepts sometime soon.

In the meantime, I've done the same for the elder wose. I know more or less where I'm headed because there are already two of our wooden friends out there, but it can't hurt to get creative. Though a good half of these creatures are spookier and/or more agressive than we'd want our woses to be...
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by alluton »

23 looks best for me. Tought those look like undead woses to me. It might be because of black color.
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Re: LordBob's commissionned work

Post by name »

I love the perspective in #21. It gives the impression this thing is towering over you.
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