Wesnoth Repository and you (Artists)

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Wesnoth Repository and you (Artists)

Post by Daravel »

Some of you may have seen my thread http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=31781 about the repository I am creating for all Wesnoth content to make it easier to access for everyone to use in their projects.

However, while I have no problem uploading files from 1.2-1.8, I can't guarantee that I will be willing to do the same for 1.10. This is because there will be approximately 8,000 files that would need to be checked manually. This is where you come in...

If as many artists/content developers as possible can upload their creations to the database themselves this will allow me to exclude the relevant add-ons when downloading them from the server - thus significantly reducing the amount of files to be searched. You can also tag yourselves as the author of your uploaded content (including that which I am uploading already).

I appreciate that it will require some time, and that I am in part, asking you to do my 'job' for me. But I will be doing everything up until 1.8, and simply can't guarantee that I will be willing to do this in a year or two's time when 1.12 comes out (to do it for 1.10). Adding a file takes about 30 seconds and the assistance will be much appreciated.

If you are interested in obtaining an account, please PM me and I can create it for you, while also adding you as an 'author' so that you can tag your work.
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