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Re: Misc Frames/Sprites

Post by Vendanna »

Thrawn wrote:That way you can change the BG color to something bright and annoying, and see any holes you may have missed due to the gridded background...
Yeah, I found that on my own while spriting and was very useful to remove the near invisible crap before touching more things on a sprite (Found it the hard way between).

It was also the reason I stoped using what I tought it was the "rubber" on gimp and now I simply cut the parts I want to remove.

You also could check that way the base sprite in case it isn't "clean" for some reason. And finally Once I complete a Sprite on gimp (png format) I copy and paste it on a new window, so when it saves it, you see a clean sprite on all programs and not the "entire drawing process" that happens with some programs.

(aka the image has black as background and you can see on the image where you placed "the sword arm" that you frankensteined from other unit before placing it, etc)
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Re: Misc Frames/Sprites

Post by thespaceinvader »

You can use the eraser tool (hotkey shift+e) as long as you have the setting 'hard edge' on, and make sure the opacity is at 100% (or transparency 0%) - then you won't get stray pixels of odd transparencies. Similarly, make sure that your pencil tool's opacity is at the same settings.
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Re: Misc Frames/Sprites

Post by Federalist marshal »

Using Thrawn's suggestion, I have been able to see and pick out where the holes in the sprite are. I've also changed the shadow as well.

But here's my process in making the sprite using GIMP in case I still missed something:

-Take existing guard sprite and existing attack frame
-Erase the parts of the base sprite I wish to modify (hard-edge on)
-Draw outline in black using pencil tool
-Use color picker and pencil tool to color it in
-I might have cut and paste the right leg (our left) so it was higher up and I might have done similarly to move his left leg in towards the center. I don't remember exactly...
-I know for sure that I cut and pasted the shield the move it in a bit.
-Nothing special was really done for the right hand and the spear; I just erased what was already there and redrew it completely.
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