Chasm Bridge

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Re: Chasm Bridge

Post by mog »

musketaquid wrote:I hope, that mog can fix the transistion issue.
I'm afraid I was a bit too optimistic. Making the bridges look good will require some manual work (as is essentially the case for all chasm transitions).

The best approach (and maybe the only feasible one, even though it's a bit hackish) I can think of is adding another layer ontop of the bridges that is only painted if there is no chasm south of the bridge which covers the pillars. If you finish the bridges and make them simply cover everything (in my version the lower right ends are cut off) I can easily create the neccessary fixes-layer.
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Re: Chasm Bridge

Post by musketaquid »

Mhh, sounds like we have to go the usual way, splitting the image in 72x72 and it's trans. If there is no other way round it's ok for me. But you're right, first thing to do is drawing all images as a whole layer and when this is done, we can go on finding a suitable solution for this transition issue.
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