Multihex+overlay terrain guidance please!

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Multihex+overlay terrain guidance please!

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I'm working on initial ideas for a single player campaign and have a basic (very basic!) idea about terrain but I'm struggling here.
I have created custom villages but what I'm attempting here is much more complex and so I thought I'd ask here before I end up throwing my PC out the window...

What I want to do
Create a 2x2 custom terrain overlay (I'm using ^YSt as the terrain code).
I have created 4 separate hexes (in 72x72 pixel images) that I want to bolt together using map= and [tile].

I have stolen the map from mountains.cfg in the hope that it will work for me (the layout of the terrain I'm working on has the same arrangement).

Code: Select all

#Macro for 4-Hex mountains
.,  *,  .
, *,  *
*,  1,  *
, 1,  1
*,  1,  *
, *,  *
.,  *,   .
, .,  ."

The layout of the 4 hexes (A,B,C and D) in my terrain are arranged thus (just like the 2x2 mountains):

Code: Select all

If A x-coordinate is even: A,B,D have same y-coordinate and C's is +1.
If A x-coordinate is odd: A,C,D have same y-coordinate and B's is -1.

I understand I can apply an [image] to each [tile].
I also want tile D (only) to act like a village for healing but not to generate income.
So in [terrain_type] have

Code: Select all

but for tile "D" only - if possible?

However, before I get too bogged down I have a few queries:

1. Is the above possible?
That is, have 1 tile of multi-hex terrain heal/cure units whilst others do not.
If so, how would I do this (I can see a way using 2 separate terrains adjacent to each other but I'd rather not go there).

2. Lots of terrain [images] have variations= (I left them in my custom village terrain as they were in the original .cfg but I have no idea what they do or are for!).
What do these do/are they for?
Are they the same as [variant]?
(I can live with the terrain not changing with time of day.)

3. Does the clause heals=8 in [terrain_type] above also cure units?

4. Are the actual flag values set/tested in set_flag / has_flag / no_flag / set_no_flag documented anywhere?

Ideally if you could PM me (so I get an email alert) that would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for your time and trouble, much appreciated!

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