Can i upload a hunger games themed scenario?

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Can i upload a hunger games themed scenario?

Post by Toshniel » November 11th, 2018, 10:13 pm

Hello :)

I've made this Hunger games styled scenario (well, really a humble map with units since i can't code :D ) for personal use with a group of friends. After several games i now think it plays well enough that perhaps some other wesnoth players would like to give it a try and actually enjoy it, so i'm thinking about uploading it as an add-on.

However, i'm worried that i may somehow get in trouble for copyrights and intellectual property - we all know where the hunger games idea comes from :D
Does any of you nice forum people know how should i proceed? Should i just upload the map and say i didn't create the idea of them games? Should i rename them to survival games? Should i completely ditch the uploading part and just play it in private?

Thank you for any help provided, and generally for participating in the wesnoth project :)

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Re: Can i upload a hunger games themed scenario?

Post by Pentarctagon » November 12th, 2018, 8:34 am

Add-ons uploaded to the official add-ons server can't have any intellectual property in them that isn't under the either GPL or Creative Commons licenses, so it wouldn't be enough to just say that you didn't create The Hunger Games. If it's only a map with some pre-placed units though, it should be fine if you rename things.
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