umc campaign weird behaviour on 1.14 (used to work in 1.12) UPDATE

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umc campaign weird behaviour on 1.14 (used to work in 1.12) UPDATE

Post by mercurius999 » September 27th, 2018, 8:24 am

UPDATE: this was an idiot question: I didnt realize I've checked 'development mode at start' .. very sorry :( if mods think about erase this post it's ok for me

good morning folks!

I was away since a big while.. I was working on a campaign some years ago and, even if not complete, it was used to work well on wesnoth 1.12 and now I restart testing it on 1.14 and it behaves very strangely: the campaign loads with no errors but when I move one side 1 unit a red arrow appears from the original tile to the destination one, the image of the unit disappears. Then the unit does not move until I press the 'End Turn' button.

I opened :debug and :inspect to see variables but nothing seems strange: side 1 units have goto_x and goto_y set to 0 0 or -999 -999 but I consider this normal.

I use a lot of imposed goto_x for side 2 but I hope this is not the problem.

Where I have to whatch? what I missed? Thanks for reading and for any eventual help

PS I add some chunk of code if can be relevant to anyone these units of side 1 are created in a

Code: Select all

 [event]   name=start ...[unit] ... [/unit] 
During the story part before turn 1 I move 2 side 1 units using this code:

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        {VARIABLE t_Zandreanor.goto_x 2 }
        {VARIABLE t_Zandreanor.goto_y 7 }
        {CLEAR_VARIABLE t_Zandreanor}

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