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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Whiskeyjack »

Hey Shadowm,

I played through most of IftU months ago and just finished the last few turns today, here is the feedback I noted, while playing through the campaign. I played on version 2.1.1, easy, on Wesnoth 1.14.

On a more general note, I can say that after playing through the campaign again for the first time in years, I can now get, why you do not think so highly of a lot of the story - it is in some parts a weaker rip-off of UtBS, especially in the
All that said, I wouldn't be as critical as you sometimes sounded of your own work, because I think some flashes of greatness are already there - the world-building in the background and some things concerning character development are really well done. Also, Mal Keshar is simply a great joy to play with, I really like his humor and think you did a great job working with his character!

For the scenarios: some gameplay, some typos, some story stuff.

Episode 1
Scenario 2: A Real Confrontation:
Scenario 4: Over the Sands:
Scenario 8: Errand of Hope:
Scenario 10: The Source of Light:
Scenario 11: Strike on Herthgar:
Episode 2
Scenario 14: Bye and Behold:
Scenario 14y: The Grand Council:
Scenario 15: Parting Ways:
Scenario 16: Dawn of War:
Scenario 20: The Heart:
Scenario 22B: Dark Hive:
Scenario 23B: Until Death:
Best regards!
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Sadaharu »

Some parts of the story will be easier to understand once you've played After the Storm.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Iris »

About the elvish NPCs (mild spoilers for AtS and UtBS as well):
Also, I tend to see the “you must be this attentive to enter this ride” check as a good thing rather than a bad thing since this culls out at least half of the people who wouldn’t be able to stomach AtS — or what’s supposed to come next, for that matter.

Late IftU spoilers:
Author of the unofficial UtBS sequels Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm (now available for Wesnoth 1.14.x and 1.15.4+).
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by SpiderAja »

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by denispir »

shadowm wrote: June 9th, 2016, 7:23 am In the meantime, perhaps someone from the audience here wants to figure out why this code wasn’t working as intended and computed the second region as if it had a radius of 10 rather than 5. Because I couldn’t — I just decided to replace it with the closest equivalent instead.
[This answer may sound a bit pedant, in addition to very late, but the intention is actually just helpful...]

Possibly someone or yourself found the actual source of the bug already (i have only read a few posts after this one, including answers by @gfgtdf, who is right it seems, see below). I guess the actual reason is a difference between natural language logic and math or software logic. In eg english you may say "[if] unit is here or there", while in formal logic you'd have to say "[if] (unitX is here) or (unit is there)". See what I mean? Formal logic makes logical operations (and, or, not..) on assertions which in software commonly represent conditions of potential actions or criteria of selection or sort or whatnot. You are here operating an OR on plain data, not assertions.

If you translate into (pseudo)code, you will immediately catch the issue:

Code: Select all

# Which is right?
if unit.pos = (x1,y1) or (x2, y2)
if (unit.pos = (x1,y1)) or (unit.pos = (x2, y2))
# Or closer to your case:
if (is_in_area unit (x1,y1,r1) or (x2, y2,r2))
if (is_in_area unit (x1,y1,r1)) or (is_in_area unit (x2, y2,r2))
The issue is also similar to those 2 versions of switch syntax:

Code: Select all

switch with n
    1: action1
    2: action2
    case n = 1, action1
    case n = 2, action2
Because of its base syntax that makes code alike data to a certain point, WML is very lax concerning logic and more generally meaning (and can only be thus, or it would have a huge decoding cost). Thus, your formal-logically "wrong" expression is decoded and executed anyway, which means that the engine will somehow operate an OR on plain data, as said above, and what actually happens then depends on implementation details, but I guess that gfgtdf's interpretation is very right. (This would mean that is does not in fact exactly allow a radius of 5 IIUC.)
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by denispir »

Holà @Shadowm!

I have played (medium difficulty) and greatly enjoyed the first part of IftU, enjoyed more than in a previous playthrough many years ago. Actually there were then imo annoying aspects/flaws that caused me to only play it through on my 3rd attempt. I initially had the intention to play more riskily as I usually do, accepting more deaths; but actually only did so for the first 2 scenarios (2 & 4 losses) and S11 Strike on Herthgar (3 losses, all l3) to try and kill all leaders in such few time. Here are some comments mainly on gameplay, plus potential proposals.

Warning: Very very very long post ahead! [Edit: introduced sections.]
S01 Border Patrol:
This battle is always pretty difficult for me during the first turns of real combat, especially at night indeed, then all is rather too easy (so that I always lose a unit by excess of confidence). Though the new version seems to flow better. I would maybe test some of the following:
  • Reduce ennemy initial gold very slightly, for an amount ranging from enough to force them recruiting about 2 units less costly, up to recruiting 1 less unit altogether.
  • Increase their income, in part by placing a few more villages that they will logically reclaim, so that it is not so high in both the initial and final phases of the scenario.
  • Give ennemies leaders bodyguards, maybe 1 to a leader, 2 to the other one.
  • Also, in the next and further scenarios we will meet a hoard of new unit types, in fact whole unit lines, some of them more or less surprising (berserker dogs, flying demons, shaxthal, invokers). In this first scenario we only confront very standard unit types, except for the invoker (deadly magical attack but so easy to kill, like the dark adept line).I would add in Border Patrol one surprising type plus one not so, thus announcing what will come later. Maybe those would show up only later in the fight (I mean change recruit list/pattern mid-scenario).
  • I finally wonder about the falcons, would give them a role (what?), if only for fun just like their sheer presence. Say, there is a nesting area on this landscape, in which we or enemies will surely wander, where units there get rushed to and attacked by all falcons. I would also change their default movement (from plain random?) to some kind of form, albeit semi random, eg just a trend to move around the landscape.
  • Or better, add rabbits as falcon preys? (Look for the "wolves" [predator] Lua micro AI.)
S02 A Real Confrontation:
The hardest scenario, has always been AFAIK, though again seems to flow better after Reconstruction ;). I would still not change much, since some harder scenarios are a Good Thing, except maybe find ways to introduce diversity of toughness, both in space and time; read: space and time rythm. About space, maybe make or increase the difference of gold (start/income) between ennemies. About time, rather than usual & artificial reinforcements unjustified by the story, what about placing treasures or artifacts in villages or other constructions like temples. This may be justified (possibly with the help of dialogue) by the fact that, IIUC, we are now fighting right inside this elven folk's territory, the Valley, as also well shown by the landscape, and possibly even at its core... Then, enemies finding most of such treasures or artifacts before us would increase their power or gold. (EDIT: after reflexion this kind of surprise may be too much for an early and already difficult scenario.)
03 Memories from the Depth:
Rather easy except for final confrontation with Mal Keshar. I made the mistake of not recruiting fresh potential suiciders (had enough of the shaman & hunter lines), even vaguely remembering of him, so I lost a prowler in trying to slow him, my first non-hero l3; but cheated by restarting the turn.
Possibly indirectly suggest the player (maybe need to form more/new troops taken among the Valley elven folk).
  • Also, this I noticed by replaying the last turn more than once, Mal Keshar's behaviour looks unpredictable: I cannot find the logic behind him attacking or instead staying on keep whenever a unit enters his range. Is there any random at play? (not a critic) [Note: no time or energy to explore the scenario source.]
I take this one for a half story/dialogue scenario. Even having played already, thus somewhat knowing not only what is told here but the whole story as we learn it stage after stage, there is for me much too much information about backstory, context, history of Irdya (and more!). Too much to memorise, even just to understand all at once here.
  • I would place some basic pieces of the contextual & historical puzzle in narrator-told [story] pages and just a little more in dialogue (reluctantly, by Anlindë to Galas), all before this scene with Mal Keshar.
  • Also, what the h*ll does Anlindë do to Mal Keshar? I noticed nothing on screen, in data, or gameplay, except that I was told by dialogue that something happened.
04 Over the Sands:
fluid and rather easy, no comment
05a Crossfire:
I always love scenarios where enemies also fight one another. Usually just for fun I try to balance them by constantly fighting more against the one that presently looks dominant. In this scenario, it was even more fun to do so from the central oasis, also good form a lanscape harmony perspective. By me this time the outlaws were the toughest to exterminate (!), but I think last time the undead were stronger. I also only kept my rider by sheer luck when its leader jumped from the keep onto its back.

Note: those both sides globally move and defend badly on sand, so that initial luck plays a great role, especially whether some early footpads, only decent unit on this terrain, survive and possibly reach a village; near the enemy castle since the AI still has no notion of "retreat for heal". It is also somewhat surprising that those native folks are not easy on their native lands.
  • Thus, I would consider using the Khalifate instead (Dunefolk I mean), more or less anywhere we presently see outlaws. This, despite your remark some time ago (top of page 2 of this thread) that "they wouldn’t fit there due to their supposed dislike of magic". Well, what magic are you talking about? Outlaws also don't use magic anyway...
S6 Moon Valley:
First: why this name?

Battle scenario against an alliance of several enemy sides always are or rather can be pleasant and interesting, provided an original landsape leads us to an original, adapted tactic, which may be the case here. However, as others have said, with 3 4 orcish enemies, each a little strong, this scenario is strangely & surprisingly easy: just because enemy units remain close to their keeps instead of fighting us, except for (part of) the stronger NW enemy side, so that we can concentrate on one at a time. This is not justified by the story (and I cannot find a reason), nore are justified the late reinforcement of the main enemy.
  • Maybe this is an attempt to provide novelty in such a common battle against multiple sides, but I would here suggest another way of doing so, namely introduce another team. This time only one, and instead of undead or outlaws/Dunefolk, since we are in mountains and close to the entry of a cave network, I am thinking at trolls or even better dwarves, thus storywise announcing our future meeting with their folk and King. There may be a dwarf patrol (reminding of S01 Border Patrol), possibly an especially strong one due to Chaos threats already known to the local dwarf folk. Then, at the end of the battle, if not all are dead, there may be a short dialogue and the leader may lend us a loyal scout as guide through the caves. See also below. Indeed, this all would require orcs actually fighting and a whole rebalancing...
S7 Goliath:
Just too easy, and the Goliath "boss" far too weak. I was prudent for no reason (did not even watch the type's data). But the map is great in my view, like all others by the way.
  • You may just overpower this Goliath unit (as you do for the dwarvish flamethrowe, as noted by a player). Same for further appearances of Goliath's.
S8 An Errand of Hope:
I enjoyed this one very much, as well as all other wander/travel scenarios of IftU part 1. The central phase battle is pleasant and challenging. The northern front was tough (for me), with a proportion of stronger enemies, but again mainly because of the flying demons.
  • Since we here first meet Althurin the runemaster, it would be interesting to have the dwarvish scout with us as evoked above. This would also make it more fluid or natural storywise for us to join their side so fully and instantly, here as well as later when helping to defend the dwarf capital.
S9 The Library:
In my view, this scenario suffers from a similar flaw as the first one: pretty tough as start, then not at all. However, it is completely different because the first phase is also very easy for any player knowing or intuiting how to defend a bottleneck, or just hold a frontline... with superior units *and* healers by us, attackers just do not have the slighting chance. They will slowly erode, after which *we* become the attackers. I have no concrete idea on how to make this more fun or interesting, concerning combat or tactic.

Upon story and map, all was pretty good, except maybe a little too many history-revealing glyphs. (Again, too much at once for me.)

Note: I did not step on Igor, the wolf rider evoked in some other posts; too bad! (Maybe because I certianly sent a wraith there instead of a living unit?)
S10 The Source of Light:
This scenario was my favorite; just enjoy! I do not know why since it has nothing absolutely special, nore some set of factors I can identify, except that as said I like wander/travel scenarios, especially yours and the ones of UtBS (and Galuldur's and some more as well).

I lost some time for not having divided my forces enough, well enough "topographically", and well enough in terms of overall force (esp lack of healer for some who needed it more). Also I just did not imagine (remenmber) thesheer bigness of this "underground landscape". As said I just nevertheless *loved* this scenario.

I was a little mislead and frightened by a bit of instruction seeming to suggest that the whole magic system had to be activated by *specific* people. Not only there was no such point, but have of the glyph were triggered by ghost-line units and just worked. If I put this in parallel with a later information at the entrance of Elynia's "dormitory", then what is meant may well be: non-otherwordly folks...

(I had a prowler killed again in the battle of the next scenario, S11 Strike on Herthgar, namely the unit who took the berserker potion found here, somewhat weakened but achieved by a single fighter because I forgot to watch after the one unit who had taken this... deadly potion!)
S11 Strike on Herthgar:
The big but short battle with 3 allied dwarf sides against 5 Chaos sides; which leaders are suggested to be killable even with so few turns (19?); and they are! I finished _both_ southern leaders on the very last turn... and had to replay once this very turn for that... and to give the final blow to whom I wished to ;) (AMLA ahead for a shyde and l4 for Althurin). I enjoyed it very much, however all ran a little too easily (for me, possibly lucky, I did not check the stats) compared to what man may intuit from the initial setup; I guess.

Actually, dwarves are very strong, not to mention their initial guard of N units, and could probably hold most fronts without any help by us. I even let them finish the second NW side alone, and they killed the NE leader before I had a chance to do it myself, even if my side was the one that wiped out most strong units there. I also judge that enemies are far too spread out, as often with the AI. There are at least 2 AI parameters about grouping movement and/or fighting, which you probably know far better than me and may help (?) (ah, Wesnoth's AI...) (or maybe use micro AIs favoring grouping).
  • This is typically a scenario where in my opinion turn limit makes no sense, even more so here because the enemy units (xp source) not killed by us will be by our allies, so that there is nothing to gain in slowing down the pace of action, even more so because next scenario only allows recruiting for a single turn.
  • Storywise, there may be a justification for an initial (and fake) turn limit, namely that in a previous scenario the king may have sent a messenger squad informing and asking for help toward a neighbour, northern dwarf kingdom (other northern folks are evoked somewhere already, and that is the way we will finally escape in next scenario). The messengers would come back announcing the arrival of "the cavalry".
  • Then, a choice may be setup by dialogue, where the player either chooses to safely prepare a retreat (thank to cavalry) for N (3?) turns and wins unless hero death, or instead chooses to hold fast fight further (to prevent information to the yet unknown enemy big boss?) and has to kill all enemies, without turn limit.
Such a setup would I guess allow for or even require enemy sides a little more powerful.
S12 The Escape:
As mentioned in other posts, this one travel scenario is easy, but still nice, because each enemy group is so weak compared to our now all-level 3+ elite commando; provided players do not launch too far ahead a lone unit. An easier scenario is nice, but this one looked to easy to me; and the previous one was not that hard neither (since as said I could envision persuing its alternative objective), nore long or heavy.
  • I would add to each enemy squad 1-2-3 units, only or mostly of the highest level available.
S13 Face Your Fate:
Well, on one hand it's very interesting, if only for an original change, to face a pretty strong force of individually rather strong units, with only zombies (berserker! dwarf! zombies) and other l1 undead fresh recruits available ;). On the other hand, I can hardly stand living an *announced* tragedy (idem about [other] fiction), even if I did not like Anlindë that much.

Note: She is my least beloved hero, apart from Galas who in my view is rather "tasteless as usual", more or less deprived of character (sic!); but still not as insipid/bland/vapid as nearly all mainstream campaign heroes...

(Hum: Poor berserker prowler who died there and then just because of my inattention!)
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by matyas »

I have a problem with the Goliath chapter. Every time i cross the river and im supposed to see the boss (Goliath), the whole game crashes.
i have the latest version of the game (1.14.6. i think).
And again at chapter 10 (the source of light) when i found the chamber in the centre of the room.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by SigurdFireDragon »

Thanks for the 2.0 series version, definitely an improvement over the 1.0 series.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by schnobs »

just my 5cents...

I'm currently at the point where the Union is pursuing the Chaos Warlord. Which I presume to be near the end of the campaign. I've been enjoying it a lot so far, though by now the "explore the caves" theme is getting a bit old. I've had similar thoughts in E1 while I went deeper and deeper, but back then I still had a sense of exploration: with the lava lake here, and the underground river there, and the spider caves over yonder, there was quite a lot to discover. But here and now, I only long for a way to plug these spawning-holes for good, or at least to advance to an area where there are none.

Throughout the campaign, I couldn't find much if any use for skeletons or dark adepts or anything except ghosts/wraiths/spectres -- I'm making heavy use of the latter, though, and by now feel as if I have no other choice. They started out as a sort of "cave cavalry" that could explore side passages and quickly return to the main host, but on those last few levels they've become the only units at all that can keep up with demands. By now my small troupe has to fight on and on against a seemingly endless number of enemies, which requires my units to be healed over and over again. With enemies spawning on all sides, I can't take a break to heal my troops -- it's mandatory that they don't take much damage to begin with. Even with the undead resistance to damage and poison, I'm having a hard time healing the damage as fast as i take it.

Something that really irks me is how my light-casting healer is interfering with my undead host. Yeah, she's the Lady of Light... but more often than not, I feel that Her Radiance is not helping, but only getting in the way.

I've now finished the campaign and overall, I think it's great. It's in the nature of posts like these, as well as my personality, that I keep on harping about things I didn't like. But up to scenario 21 or so, I had a lot of fun. It kept me curious as to what comes next, both in the grand scale of storyline as well as in exploring the maps.

Only the last few scenarios felt like a slugfest. There were a lot of fierce battles to fight after the point where I could no longer recruit any units, and I didn't feel as if I could afford many (or any) losses. This led to a lot of saveloading, much more than I was comfortable with. And it just went on and on, with no end in sight.

In a similar vein, the last few boss battles were quite mean. You're expected to defeat the final bosses in a particular way which is somewhat hard to set up and by no means guaranteed to work. Again, saveloading is the obvious answer, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to script the desired outcome and be done with it.

As a lesser measure than scripting, it would help if the bosses would stop recruiting when cornered, so you could deal with them in isolation; or perhaps the designated Boss-Killers could be made invulnerable to damage from other units. At that point, I don't care about them being OP -- this is fate at work, after all.

Oh, I've been playing v.2.0.1 for Wesnoth 1.12 -- my apologies if that is so hopelessly behind the curve as to render the whole post useless.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by white_haired_uncle »

I'm playing 2.1.1 on 1.14, several turns into S22B and I'm done. I've just lost interest. I think schnobs' comment above pretty much nails it.

Pretty much... but ghosts are worthless. Levelled all the way up and with good resistances, they still don't have enough HP to survive a couple drones coming out of nowhere (which, fortunately, only happens once per turn). As for skeletons, one of my main units was a death knight (w/poison bow). I probably should have levelled up a couple more. And dark adepts can advance to liches, which, well they're liches. I also advanced one to necro for the plague staff (which of course was pretty much worthless by the time I got it).

Berzerker potion: says unit has to hold a sword. Galas holds a sword. Also odd that he can't use poison bow, since he's got a bow.

The Heart: Death of Galas should be listed in objectives.

biomechanical: should drain and poison, perhaps in a limited fashion. Plague is an interesting question, if it were up to me, the bio part would come back to unlife leaving a weak flailing mess that has no team and just imparts small amounts of damage to every adjacent unit.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by SpiderAja »

yeah, ghosts become weak when they can't use their lifesteal or face casters
So I don't use them at the end because most enemies are either casters or immune to lifesteal, or both

Also I never really got used to using the stealth ghosts
On the other side I love the Spectre unit, I usually have one of them
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Eptine »


I've finished this campaign two weeks ago but didn't have time to comment until now. :(
As i said in other posts i am making LP's on youtube of almost all Wesnoth campaigns i play (my LP's are in german, so they might not be interesting for you). I voice all dialogs in all campaigns i play but because my spoken english sucks i translated all dialogs i encountered to german. I have no idea how to make real translations so i c+p the english part out of the campaign files, put them into a document and then translated them. I've attached my documents if someone wants to make a real translation out of that. There should be 90-95% of all dialogs translated in them. It'a always "english text" -> "a spacer" -> "german translation" (only for Elynias huge monolog when you find her i didn't add the english original). It's not perfect as some stuff in html tags is not fully translated, but everything is understandable.
Also i've made three specials for this campaign:
First one #386 "Galas Memoiren: Auf der Flucht" is a summary of the first Part
Second one #410 "Galas Memoiren: Selbstmodmission" is a summary of the second part (up to the moment they would enter the final boss fight)
and third #411 "Der Fall des Chaosimperiums" (As this Episode is a special where i put much work into, it doesn't have a number in the title) is the Final Boss-fight and the escape (added some effects, had a friend of mine voice Elynia and some strong edditing)
Don't be scared of the high numbers for the episodes, i played legend of the invincibles before that ;)

Also i had another friend of mine drew a picture of the final moments of the chaos emperor for the last special, i've attached it too, as i think it's pretty nice - IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET SPOILED DON'T LOOK AT IT!
Said picture:
Okay now time for some feedback:
I realy liked this campaingn, the story drew me in fast and i had to know what happend next - also it's stunning to see how even the custom campaigns respect each others story - i played loti before this and i couldn't find a plot hole, very nice work :) The escape from the dessert felt like an actual escape, as you constantly have to watch your units and keep moving to not get stuck at some point, second half was even better, the drones providing a new enemy that is a real threat for your troops (Thank god for Mal Keshar) - after you go into the chaos fortress the difficulty ramps up a notch - you can't afford to loose any units, as all of them are needed for the final fight - it's even a bit over the top i would say, as i had to save and load quite a lot to get the RNG in my favor. But it felt like i was inside the enemy lines. So atmospheric the spike in difficulty was understandable.
All in all i have only one negative point to this campaign, and that are the last two boss fights, as both units (i don't write names to not spoil, but you know who i mean ;)) are able to one-shot near to every unit you own, especialy for the last fight it is necessary you have at least one unit that can slow with you (and i don't mean Elynia, as you need her for attacking) - Even Mal Keshar can die in one round if he gets attacked and that makes the bossfight to an extrem RNG fight, as sometimes you just have to save and load, cause the only unit that can attack him without getting into one-shot danger is Elynia. Maybe removing his "slow" ability would make the fight more consistent. Also even the Union Attack has it's problems, as you are completely at the mercy of the hit RNG there too, maybe it would help to give the union attack a 100% hit chance (it's the power of the gods, so that would be understandable) but make it a little bit weaker to compensate for the buff. I mean you always are at the mercy of the hit RNG in Wesnoth, but with a unit that can one-shot nearly everything, there aren't much tactic options aviable to counter that. (Or i couldn't find any ;))
Also i have to say the scripted events like the death animation for the chaos emperor, or the collapsing capital were amazing, i didn't know such things are possible in wesnoth :)

So a very, very nice campaign and i am dying to find out how the story goes on in After the Storm. But i wait till it is finished, as i want the whole experience :)

Invasion aus dem Unbekannten - Part 2.pdf
(590.09 KiB) Downloaded 252 times
Invasion aus dem Unbekannten - Part 1.pdf
(486.46 KiB) Downloaded 207 times
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Konrad2 »

Eptine wrote: December 10th, 2019, 1:21 pm also it's stunning to see how even the custom campaigns respect each others story - i played loti before this and i couldn't find a plot hole, very nice work :)
For the record, IftU is older than LotI.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Eptine »

Ah i was wondering that - regardless, it is nice to see that even some Add-ons follow the same storyline (even if it is my accident, as i just learned), makes every single campaign better :)

Also thx for spoilering the image - i didn't kow how to do it :)
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown 2.1.1 [Wesnoth 1.14]

Post by Tyrion2018 »

Como lo juego al español?
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