The Black Cross of Aleron (formerly Besieged Druids)

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Re: The Black Cross of Aleron (formerly Besieged Druids)

Post by WackoJacko »

Hey mate,
I'm enjoying the campaign so far however there may be a problem with the haste potions. A unit given a haste potion retains the marker in later scenarios and that unit is then unable to receive another haste potion (in later scenarios).
Thanks :)

I noticed that in previous posts you mentioned changing the objectives in "Tracing the Goblins' Path" to show that the hero must go into the light. This hasn't changed in the latest version.

I assumed the last scenario was indeed the last scenario but a small line of text indicating this would be nice.
Also, I saw it was to be continued! Is there a sequel or second campaign that continues the story?
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Re: The Black Cross of Aleron (formerly Besieged Druids)

Post by sergey »

Hi Celtic_Minstrel. I am enjoying this campaign, elvish maidens with a lot of different traits/abilities/weapon specials are cool!

I would like to report a bug related to haste potions. Wesnoth version 1.14.11, campaign version 2.0.3
The fix for removing the haste status at the end of scenario doesn't work. I investigated this issue and for some reason the modify_unit command has no effect if unit has the haste object (and I assume the victory event happens before the object removal with duration=scenario). I even tested it by issuing modify_unit (for removing the haste status) in a middle of a scenario and it does nothing on units with the object. I fixed this issue by moving the modify_unit from victory event to prestart event inside the _main.cfg file. It looks like a core bug, but it is so rare I am not sure it is worthy to report.
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Re: The Black Cross of Aleron (formerly Besieged Druids)

Post by Sadaharu »

Hey sergey, I had the same bug. I'm glad somebody's found a fix. :)
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Re: The Black Cross of Aleron (formerly Besieged Druids)

Post by egallager »

Been playing this campaign recently; I really like it! Here's the scenario-specific feedback I said I was going to give on Discord:
  • In S05 ("Reinforcements") I think reaching the elf city should cause an increase in the turn limit. I explored a little bit before reaching the city (the villages were too tempting for me not to capture them!), but I still got there with what I thought would be plenty of turns, but then it turned out that the amount of time I'd have to wait around for the Queen to get a move on resulted in me getting pushed over the limit. This didn't seem very fair, as her preparation was out of my control, and I didn't know about it beforehand. If adding more turns as part of the discovery event is out of the question, even just changing the initial turn limit declaration to {TURNS 17 16 15} would be an improvement.
  • Also in that scenario, the grey undead side takes a long time to complete its turns... maybe using the Fast Micro AI (ai_type=fast_ai) would be an improvement? Or at least simple_targeting=yes?
  • In S06 ("Along The Coast") a unit says ""Wow! It looks like it destroyed all the undead in the swamp outskirts!" upon ending the scenario, but when I looked around in linger mode, it looked like there was still a bat left... I guess because bats technically don't count as undead? Still, as it was on the undead side, it still seemed rather inconsistent... anyways, this isn't the biggest issue since it doesn't actually affect gameplay; just thought I'd mention it...
  • In S07 ("Into the Dread Marsh") the commentary for the nest placement code says it's supposed to avoid placing nests on the edges (i.e., where they'd be unreachable), but one still wound up on the edge for me anyways... maybe make their placement restrictions a bit tighter?
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Re: The Black Cross of Aleron (formerly Besieged Druids)

Post by Konrad2 »

FTR, can I convince you to put me into the credits, on grounds of my extensive feedback? :)
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