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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by Cope »


I play Iftu on on 1.11.7. When i came to the scenario The elf versus Goliath, when i finished my turn 2 the whole program shut down without warning. I have tried and installed the file mentioned above theme/iftu-cutscene without effect.

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by BadAxe »

Hi Cope,
As we discussed i think that is a general wesnoth problem and not specific to this campaign.
It is reported here
The save file you provided is attached there.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by Iris »

I can reproduce the crash with 1.11.7, but not with 1.11.8.

EDIT: Because it was fixed in commit d12a0f706e02841dc90a4a20dfb5b1c33ef5b973, which is part of Wesnoth 1.11.8. Thanks to mattsc and jamit for helping me figure this out.

EDIT 2: Closed the bug report accordingly.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by Andrettin »

I just finished the first half of the campaign. It was a quite nice experience, the quality of the campaign was very good. Thanks for making this :)

I look forward to finishing its second half, and then trying After the Storm out.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by SigurdFireDragon »

I played part 1 (version on 1.11.11->13. Very enjoyable. :)

Found some very minor bugs that you've probably already fixed in the revision:

In very first scenario, it says no gold carryover, when in fact there is carryover
In 'Errand of Hope' story text, there is a 'were' that should be a 'where'
Volcano Underground Schedule pic not shown in 'The Source of Light' due to move of time schedule images in /data/core/images/misc
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by madmatg »

heya, I have loved your campaign! But I'm having a problem with welcome to the Lair:

When I attack Agron he goes down to wherever he goes, around 150life but then between my turns he melee attacks me and then my guy/girl melee attacks him back. This leads to him going immediately back to 300 health, theres no way my union will be strong enough to take off 300 points in one turn. So then I'm stuck in this cycle of attack with the Union, then he melee attacks me on his turn and when my guy/girl hits him back he's back to full strength.

Is this a bug or maybe there's something I'm not doing right?

Thanks for your help! Campaign has been great, so long and a great story!
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by Maiklas3000 »

Play Under the Burning Suns first to familiarize yourself with funky time-of-day and desert elves.
Create some "uber-units" via AMLA.
One line of advice for each scenario....
Border Patrol: Recruit one round, continue from south keep, be aggressive, need Druids, L3 leader, gold.
A Real Confrontation: Use Druids, mix Civilians in your lines; try to delay, not hold or advance.
Memories from the Depths: Recruit Civilians, Sprites, and Hunters; advance with Civilians in front.
Over the Sands: Spam bats.
Crossfire: Spam bats, get booty from southwest leader.
The Moon Valley: Blitz northeast leader, save northwest for last.
The Elf and Goliath: Use fast units that need XP, get Anlinde to L4 ASAP, explore quickly, kill boss.
Errand of Hope: Recruit lightly, more later. Explore for goodies. Fight conservatively. Don't waste time.
The Library: Recruit semi-lightly, more later. Use bats to scout. Exit is at bottom middle.
The Source of Light: Similar to the Library. Need units with good cave mobility. Explore fully.
Strike on New Knalga: Spam Necromancers and Forefathers! Blitz northwest then hurry south.
The Escape: It pays to be paranoid.
Face your Fate: Die, die, my darling.
Bye and Behold: Spam Civilians and Bats plus some L1's. Go north, cross river, and finally east.
Shadows of Time: Spam Civilians. Recruit Bats, Dark Adepts, Hunters, Sorceresses. Protect ally.
Arrival of the Battalion: Spam Civilians and Aragwaithi. Break assault wave on the river bank.
Dawn of the Great War: Spam Civilians, Aragwaithi, and L3 arcane units. Finish early.
Armageddon: Recall L2 and L3 arcane units, lure north leader out, kill him, game over.
Legend of Wesmere: Need a healer and L1 chaotic units, keep tight formation, don't hurry.
Under the Sands: Beware of ambush.
The Heart: Slow and low, that is the tempo. In the shadows of my mind.
Innuendo: Goal is Shyde-Sylph-Necro army plus flyers. Can start with L1's! Control-v.
Face of the Enemy: Read the fine print.
Dark Hive: Union.
Frozen Hell: Keep a disciplined line. There is no hurry.
Welcome to the Lair, Part 1. Don't panic.
Welcome to the Lair, Part 2. Panic. Head straight northeast, turtle behind chokepoints.
Agony of Body and Soul: Story.
Broken Heart: Protect Elynia.

Scenario reviews:

Note on difficulty ratings: I consider a 7 or 8 to be the optimal rating on Nightmare. A 6 or 9 is acceptable, but a bit too easy or hard, at least for the average. Less than 6 or greater than 9 is a scenario that would be much more enjoyable if changed, in my opinion.

Scenario 1: Border Patrol
(1) Level, version? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with
(2) Difficult? (1-10) It's maybe a 5 to win, but a 9.5 for a win that puts you in good shape for the next scenario.
(3) Objectives? It's not clear that your real objective is to crush the enemy as quickly as possible (for early finish bonus) while getting 1-2 Druids, or else the next scenario will be very tough.
(4) Dialog? See #7.
(5) Challenges? In order to win quickly, you have to play much like the AI. In other words, you must banzai charge and sometimes wind up fighting in bad terrain. This put me outside of my comfort zone (which is a good thing.) Another reason you should be aggressive is that some of the enemy units pack powerful punches, so you want to take them out before they take out your units.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8.
(7) Changes? I suggest overhauling the dialog, so that the player feels a sense of urgency about attacking the humans, rather than feeling like you should be peaceful until attacked. They actually say "wait"(!) Also, as mentioned in other posts, there are invalid WML warning messages. (I won't mention them again for later scenarios.)
(8) Restarts? I replayed the scenario a huge number of times to get a good start for the next scenario. I got one Druid and a fair amount of gold. No save-loads.
(9) Replay? I basically set up lines near the southern keep and the area to the west of there. I retreated wounded to the villages. Somehow I broke the enemy assault. My forces were by then distinctly cut in two, and my stronger force in the west took out that leader and then both forces converged on the eastern leader, who is the tougher of the two.

Scenario 2: A Real Confrontation
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 276 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 9.5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? When they say, "What was that!?", "What is that thing?", I never could figure out what they were talking about. Are they talking about the middle enemy leader, the Chaos Razerman? If instead they are talking about the Psy Crawlers, those aren't yet there when they say that.
(5) Challenges? I was stuck here a long time. I took a couple of months off, then I beat it the first time back. I wish I understood what I did differently. It might simply have been a matter of retreating my leader.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 7.
(7) Changes? I think enemy gold should be reduced significantly, to not require replaying the first scenario for more gold.
(8) Restarts? I had to replay from start a large number of times. No save-loads.
(9) Replay? The battle is divided by the small lake. My western force initially did well, but ultimately was totally eliminated, except for my leader, who had retreated. I lost my Druid that I had fought so hard to get in the first scenario. I sent much fewer troops to the east, but, with a lot of help from my ally, they somehow basically achieved a local victory, eliminating the eastern forces and preventing the eastern leader from recruiting. I did a late round of recruiting on turn 18 of 22, because I knew I would win if I did, and I didn't want to risk defeat. I won by holding out to the end of turns.

Scenario 3: Memories from the Deep
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 150 starting gold (the minimum.)
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? It's excessive. I know, you're trying to do great literature, but after finishing a 60 turn Wesnoth scenario I'm not in the mood to read a novel. Also, at the northern sliding slab door-opening thingy, I never understood what is happening. What road?
(5) Challenges? The primary challenge is not losing a critical towards the end to some combination of Deathblades, Revenants, Banebows, and a L4 Ancient Lich. And then, how the hell do you kill that bugger?!
(6) Fun? (1-10) 9, it's nicely done cave scenario with multiple paths preventing it from getting too bogged down. I love the historical tie-in.
(7) Changes? The final chamber should be almost exactly like in the final scenario of DiD. It would be... spooky.
(8) Restarts? I lost twice at the end, restarted from start. No save-loads.
(9) Replay? I went for a Sprite-heavy force (four Sprites), since they are more mobile in caves. I took horrendous losses towards the end, like losing a L3 Sprite. I was a bit perplexed as to how to take out the Ancient Lich, especially with my mostly ranged attack force. I finally decided I had to gamble. My L3 leader was 1 XP away from AMLAing, and the Lich took the bait of coming out to attack him. My leader still could have died, but he survived and self-healed. Then I used my Druid with a slowing attack that had a 45% chance of killing himself. Then my leader attacked. Then my Enchantress had a 26% chance of killing the Lich; she failed, but heavily wounded him. I picked him off on the next turn with a Marksman. I won on turn 55 of 60, and I have a ton of gold since I recruited so lightly.

Scenario 4: Over the Sands
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 636 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 4
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? The dialog and the help for Dehydration says that every unit will be affected, but, of course, the player's undead units cannot suffer from thirst. It's not clear why the bandits don't suffer from thirst.
(5) Challenges? The few starting villages suggest spamming level 0's, so that is what I did. My civilians and walking corpses were next to useless, but I recruited mostly vampire bats, and that was the key to an easy victory. Since Mal Keshar turns your dead units into walking corpses, vampire bats are very valuable, and they can hold a line or a village much better than normal. Plus, bats are not affected by thirst and have great mobility.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 5. I don't like "counter pushing" (i.e., lots of units), so that was a downside of my strategy.
(7) Changes? See #4. My units became thirsty in flat forest hexes. Bug? Ghouls are not on the recruitment list, but you can get Ghouls by advancing Walking Corpses. Maybe you should therefore allow recruitment of Ghouls?
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I spammed bats, formed combat lines with them and swarmed once I had numerical superiority. The Warrior Spirit unit I recruited was also very useful. My elvish units were preoccupied with not dying of thirst and did not do much. If I were to play it again, I would have recruited a second Shaman, so that my Druid and Anlinde (special curing unit) could walk at their own speeds. I finished on turn 55/73 with lots of gold plus a big bonus.

Scenario 5: Crossfire
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 761 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? It would be nice to have a different dialog about the humans (Dark Adepts) joining your force. For example, Mal Keshar could say that he taught them the basic magic that his mentor taught him when he was but a boy. When my Walking Corpse Bat kills the southwest leader, it starts talking, which seems... unlikely... but perhaps no more unlikely than a Walking Corpse Bat.
(5) Challenges? Not many challenges. As in the previous scenario, the lack of villages suggests spamming level 0's. I once again made the mistake of buying some Walking Corpses. They were too slow to make it into combat, and as recruits they are totally dominated by Civilians, because Civilians become Walking Corpses when they die. My recruited bats were much more useful, but they were rather helpless against Demon Zephyrs, so other units have to assist.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 6. I don't like 4-way battles (too silly and contrived) and I don't like having very many units.
(7) Changes? As I eliminated one enemy, I wondered if the other two would ally against me. It didn't happen, but it would make the scenario more challenging and interesting if it did (if it would make sense for every pairing.) The scenario would be more challenging with less starting gold, but you're probably going to have some players coming in with very little gold after overspending in the previous scenario. Shrug.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I spammed level 0's, added a couple rounds of level 1's, headed south, and killed the leader there. Then I split into two forces to head west. I killed the southwest leader first to get the booty, which was much more than expected. I gave the ring of regeneration to my leader, who also has the ring of speed from the previous scenario. I'm thinking I'll be able to have a killer mobile force with my leader, a couple of Shydes, and some Warrior Spirits and Bats.

Scenario 6: The Moon Valley
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 503 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 6-8, depending on how heavily you recruit.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? The dialog about undead being great at night might work better in Over the Sands. It's a bit late now.
(5) Challenges? I recruited just barely enough, so I was quite stressed tactically for most of the game.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8 or 9
(7) Changes? None necessary.
(8) Restarts? One. I got careless towards the end and lost my leader. Restarted from start. No save-loads.
(9) Replay? I blitzed the northeast leader, luring him out and killing him before he had spent much gold. Then I went towards the southwest leader. His units merged with the others, and since I had recruited lightly my line was stretched thin. I resorted to feeding kills to Walking Corpses in order to boost my forces. The orcs probably could have overrun my lines and defeated me, but their aggression setting seems to cause them to form defensive balls. After killing the southwest leader, I lured out and killed the next leader. That left just the northwest leader. I knew from experience that the northwest leader should be saved for last, but I also saved him for last on my first play, since it did look foreboding there, even without the dialog warning when you get close. When the northwest leader sprung his not-too-surprising surprise, I was thrown back on my heels, totally put on the defensive, and I had to quickly recruit a few more units.

Scenario 7: The Elf versus Goliath
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 544 starting gold (but it is irrelevant.)
(2) Difficult? (1-10) Hard to say, maybe 7.
(3) Objectives? Clear, but see #4.
(4) Dialog? There is some mention of other bosses, so I wasn't sure whether I would have to kill more than one boss before the end of the scenario. Mal Keshar's dialog seems inappropriate for a centuries-old lich, like when he is afraid the boss will crush them like bugs.
(5) Challenges? You only get to recruit/recall 6 units, which is a nice challenge. I like the constant pressure of units coming in behind, making most battles a two front affair. L3 Anlinde was painfully slow in the cave. She was one point away from leveling, and silly me, I delayed that, not realizing what a speedy unit she was going to turn into. Partially as a result, I finished only on the last turn, 54.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 9, a very original scenario.
(7) Changes? None necessary.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I made the mistake of recruiting two Ghosts, which promptly died. The rest of my units were nearly maxed out on leveling: Dread Bat, Ancestor, Dark Sorcerer, and Shyde. Then I got the bright idea to promote my Dark Sorcerer to Necromancer (instead of Lich), because that would give me plague, by which I could get Walking Corpses to feed with XP that would otherwise be wasted. And so my force grew, with Walking Corpses, a Soulless, and a Ghoul and a Necrophage. On turn 52 of 54, I finally glanced up at the turn count and panicked. I wasn't sure how the scenario was supposed to end. I raced my units forward in a desperate attempt to find something. And I found it. The boss. And killed it on the last turn. I did have two powerful attacks to spare, but still, it was cutting it close. Since I used a Walking Corpse for the killing blow, I got another Ghoul as a bonus. (You can't recruit Ghouls in this campaign, so I'm happy to have some to recall.)

Scenario 8: An Errand of Hope
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 339 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Very nice, with tie-ins to scenarios from another campaign.
(5) Challenges? It cost me time to figure out who could use the enchanted bow. (I finally recalled a Death Baron.) Because my leader was delayed by the bow, I got a late start for recruiting for the battle in the main room. It was dicey at the start, and I lost my Shyde!
(6) Fun? (1-10) Almost a 10, but I'll call it a 9 for an anticlimatic finish.
(7) Changes? In this campaign, some scenarios post guards near the leaders to keep the finish from being 100 player units converging on one lonely leader. SotBE uses a different method, using rather large leader incomes. I suggest you choose one of these methods (or both!) to make it more interesting after the initial battle in the big room.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? The initial combat with the trolls was a little dangerous, but such situations are easy to overcome when you have an Ancient Lich that can blow away almost any single unit in one round, plus a buffed out leader (ring of speed, potion of strength) and units with slow. The main chamber was terrifyingly confusing, with its swarm of units from three different factions. I took some losses. I panicked and over-recruited, but fortunately it was mostly spam, so I still had some income. I was expecting the Dwarves to turn on me, since they asked for my help all too quickly, so that was part of the reason I recruited so much. The end was a race to kill the troll leader in time. I finished on the last turn.

Scenario 9: The Library
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 264 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7
(3) Objectives? I wasn't sure where I needed to go. A courtesy signpost might be in order. "Caution: God ahead"?
(4) Dialog? Good.
(5) Challenges? Your troops have to spread out to explore everything, and then any combat can be a challenge, especially if it's one or two or those damned Giant Leeches.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 10, you're really doing an impressive job, and this is probably the best scenario so far.
(7) Changes? I didn't like the dead ends on the west side, because they don't look like dead ends. The defense bonus for the next hex is shown, even though you can't move there. I killed all the leaders and found the exit one turn early and got an early finish bonus of ~22 gold, but my income was 36 gold; my understanding is that is not kosher.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I recruited a fairly big force, with Civilians, Vampire Bats, two Shamans (to try to replace my dead Shyde), my Death Baron with the enchanted bow, and then a mix of level 1 undead: a Ghost, a Dark Adept, a Skeleton, and a Warrior Spirit. I divided them into two squads initially and then into four, to explore the cave. My bats took a beating and I recruited a few more later. My Civilians degraded to Walking Corpses, and I used them to kill the level 0 Goblins especially, so my force was bolstered by all these Walking Corpses. Even after I killed all the enemy leaders, this scenario never got boring. I get the impression that I left a couple of goodies undiscovered. I think there might have been something under the furthest fire elemental, there may have been a secret passage at the southeast, and there might have been some way to open the tunnels in the west.

Scenario 10: The Source of Light
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 474 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7
(3) Objectives? Clear, but I feared there would be more combat after activating the Glyphs, so I rushed a bit.
(4) Dialog? At the start are two instances of using "which" when "that" is more proper. In just about every scenario, one of my bats talks. I suggest changing the dialog to "Meep, meep, meep!" if it's a bat (or "Mrah, mrah, mrah!" for Walking Corpse bat or other WC.) However, if it's an important bit of information, somebody would have to translate for the bat. My Wraith said, "Wow." That seems kind of inappropriate. You could change it to "Observe." Whoo boy, at the end of this scenario is another novel. It was fairly enjoyable, but it might have been better as a story scenario.
(5) Challenges? Like the previous scenario, your troops have to spread out to get to everything in time, and that leaves them vulnerable to Giant Leeches and other nasties popping out of nowhere.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 10, the best atmosphere of any scenario, ever! I love the biosphere (choice of creatures.)
(7) Changes? Maybe there should be a secret passage in the western dead end (leading to the Cuttle Fish area), like there is in the eastern one (leading to the entrance area.) It's tedious to crawl all the way out an empty passage. And then a nitpick I have is that I'm a bit puzzled why the monsters wandering around the cave did not step on all (or even any) of the glyphs. So, I infer that monsters cannot activate the glyphs. Therefore, undead should not activate them. Live bats might or might not. What I'm getting at is that you might want to change it so that basically only live, sentient beings will activate the glyphs, and then change the dialog to warn the player of this.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I way over-recruited the first time, then replayed for more gold and actually wound up with less, because I under-recruited, but I kept that play because I gained some goodies I found down one passage that I didn't fully explore the first time. After the initial combat, I split my forces into three groups, and then it was pretty straightforward, but often slow due to the lack of units.

Scenario 11: Strike on New Kalga
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 554 starting gold, loyal Goblin Knight.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 9
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? I'm not sure I understood the dialog about making walls of bodies. It might make sense if this was the first scenario where Mal raises the dead. Another thing you might want to adjust is the dialog when the loyal Wolf Rider dies, with somebody begging Mal not to turn him into a Walking Corpse because he has "done so much". It's fairly likely that the Wolf Rider hasn't done anything before he dies, because he is found deep down a dead end passage on the previous scenario, and then he probably will take the front line here in the rush on the northwest leader and could die before he so much as makes one attack. Oh, and one more dialog nitpick, when our hero speaks about the endless gold supply of the enemy, it's on a turn when the enemy has recruited little or nothing. Turn 13 is when another surge starts, so maybe this dialog should be delayed until turn 14.
(5) Challenges? If you blitz the northwest leader(s), then you are hardpressed to get south in time to save the dwarf king.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 10. What makes this scenario great is that you won't win without good strategy.
(7) Changes? The boss demons (yellow team) have gold. So, why not give a crown to the L3 demon, and set his recruiting list? Then, if the player happens to abandon his keep early, he may get a nasty surprise. Or you could move them to the far west, because the player will likely kill the leader there and then there could be an open keep. Another idea: if you save any of the lesser dwarf leaders, how about having them join you as loyals?
(8) Restarts? Several restarts from start. I also replayed the previous scenario trying for more gold but wound up with 12 gold less but plus one loyal. No save reloads.
(9) Replay? I spent all my gold on high level troops (except one Blood Bat), especially Sorcerers/Necromancers and Ancestors/Forefathers. I blitzed the northwest leader. That didn't go very well on this play, but it still worked. Some of my forces then continued north to kill the northernmost leader while the rest blocked the advance in the east and rushed to protect the dwarf king in the south. I lost about 3 Spectres. Remind me not to put them on the front lines again. Once the eastern leader fell, it was pretty obvious I was going to win, and then it was just a matter of marching carefully south. I killed the last two leaders on the last two turns, so my early finish bonus was zero. The eastern dwarf leader survived as well.

Scenario 12: The Escape
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, gold irrelevant, loyal Goblin Knight.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 9 initially, 8 when you know what's coming
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Okay. Run-on sentence: "You're ours, by Uria you shall not pass any further!"
(5) Challenges? The hellhound ambush is the only thing that is hard, and it's just an auto-lose the first time.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 5. I hate triggers, especially when it's a deadly ambush like here.
(7) Changes? I suggest you remove the ambush trigger for hellhound and friends. If you station the ambushers, then you could get a similar effect but without the unfairness. For that to work well, you may need to replace the loyal Wolf Rider with a slower unit. And you may have to rethink the terrain for the ambush; a chokepoint with really high movement cost would probably work. The other ambush, the one with the Goliaths, leads to the Goliaths attacking the Eyestalk, which may be funny and may be your intent, but I don't like it. Finally, there is a long delay when starting the scenario, and yet it does not seem to be doing any random tunnel generation, so I'm not sure what's up with that. I would certainly rate the scenario fun higher if the tunnels were different each time.
(8) Restarts? Two restarts from start. No save reloads.
(9) Replay? There's not much of interest in the replay, but you might note how careful I am approaching the ambush zone. I was also very careful in the final battle, hiding in the tunnels. I finished a couple of turns early.

Scenario 13: Face your Fate
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, gold irrelevant.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) Kobiyashi Maru. Well, really it's easy, about a 3.
(3) Objectives? Unclear, intentionally.
(4) Dialog? Good. I didn't understand the larvae/floor/eating-it. Does "it" refer to "floor"?
(5) Challenges? Working with only two weird units is hard, and then you have to accept your fate.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8, good, just a bit tedious, especially if you try to postpone the inevitable.
(7) Changes? It would be neat if it were just barely possible to win, and then you get to keep your heroine.
(8) Restarts? I won the first time, but I replayed from start due to a bug at the start of the next scenario.
(9) Replay? I held up in the middle until I saw that the northwest enemy was nearly defeated, then I made a rush for that keep and killed the leader. I recruited again there, but of course it could only postpone the inevitable.

Scenario 14: Bye and Behold
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 250 starting gold (the minimum.)
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 4. I'd say reducing the minium gold is in order.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Not buying it. I didn't like the intro, but maybe I just don't understand this new faction.
(5) Challenges? The main challenge was not getting to adventurous with my loyal Direwolf Rider.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8, vanilla, but it's nice to have vanilla after the previous tutti fruiti scenarios.
(7) Changes? None necessary.
(8) Restarts? I restarted from start due to my loyal Direwolf Rider getting pinned and killed.
(9) Replay? I was relieved to have elf-friendly terrain, but the high cost of elves made me use a lot of Civilians and undead. The Civilians advanced well, so maybe I can just recall them and not recruit L1 elves. The best path for most of your units in this scenario is north, across the river, and then east, though your swimming (skeleton) and flying units can go over the broken bridge or earlier across the river. I just kept my elves in the woods during the initial battle and didn't have much problem.

Scenario 15: Shadows of Time
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 487 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7
(3) Objectives? Clear, except see #7.
(4) Dialog? I found it confusing that the orc leader appeared like an ally (blue), but then talked like an enemy, but then was all too eager to ally with us when other orcs showed up to attack him. Maybe instead of being hostile, he should just be suspicious but interested in what the player's characters are warning. By the way, in this dialog and others, you do italics like *this*, but you could do it like this.
(5) Challenges? The main challenge was protecting the orc leader while advancing on other fronts.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 7
(7) Changes? It says there is no early finish bonus, but there is. I don't understand why the battlefield is revealed during the initial dialog but then shrouded at game start. Maybe just use fog instead. I don't think the Lich should heal himself at the end, as that is weird.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I recruited a lot of Elvish Civilians, since adult elves are too expensive, and recruited and recalled enough L1's and L2's to provide ZOC protection. I advanced west, and set up a nice vertical line from the board edge up, plus another group in the middle forest area. This held, but I had intended to redirect some troops to protect my orcish ally in the east, and my troops were still engaged in the west. Then three Skeleton Riders converged on my ally and I scurried my leader back to recruit assistance. I was barely able to save my ally, at the cost of a lot of gold. After I killed the two western leaders, I decided I should not kill the last leader just yet, because the objectives said there was no early finish bonus (which was a lie.) So, I grabbed XP where I could, surrounded the Lich stronghold, and killed off what he recruited each turn. I decided I needed to suicide some L1 units to increase my gold per turn, but when I attacked the Lich with a Skeleton, everything went black. I thought I had lost, but actually the Lich had just escaped, which he does when his hitpoints get below a certain point.

Scenario 16: Arrival of the Battalion
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 444 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7.5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Mal has quite a sense of humor. I don't remember that in DiD, so it might be out of character.
(5) Challenges? Breaking the initial assault wave is the main challenge.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8
(7) Changes? Once again, it says there is no early finish bonus, but there is.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I spammed Civilians, recruited the new human units, and then I recalled some heavy hitters, because it looked like I was going to get overrun. I lined up a defensive force along the river in wood hexes, while my strike force went along the southern board edge. I finished on turn 19/36.

Scenario 17: Dawn of the Great War
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 442 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Very good.
(5) Challenges? The main challenge was blocking my allies from stealing my kills.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8
(7) Changes? Surely it needs to be made harder. Maybe reduce the ally keeps to just 3 recruiting hexes.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I spammed Civilians as usual, and on the last round of recruiting I recalled 10 veterans, using my ally's keep for some of them. I didn't recruit any human units, which I regret after seeing the end dialog. I just rolled over the enemy, finishing on turn 14/52 for a huge bonus.

Scenario 18: Voices of the Armageddon
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 758 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7, because I almost got Mal killed, otherwise 6 if you "bench" Mal.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Good.
(5) Challenges? The northern army can do a lot of damage.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 6, I was all set to slaughter the undead, but then the game ended.
(7) Changes? Try not having the Lich disappear after the Imp leader dies. Also, it is the Short Dark for the full scenario. If this is not a bug, then have some dialog to explain why the normal time cycle does not occur here. You might want to set the Imp's max movement to 0 or 1, as he is too easy to kill once surrounded.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I recalled L2 and L3 units with arcane attacks. The Imp came out to range attack my loyal Direwolf Rider, and I killed the Imp, game over. The only dicey part was when Mal destroyed most of the Imp's army singlehandedly, as they attacked suicidally, Walking Corpse style, and almost killed Mal.

Scenario 19: Legend of Wesmere
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 431 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8, because I underrecruited, maybe 6 otherwise.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Good. The part about the everlasting night should be moved to the previous scenario.
(5) Challenges? The main danger is getting "ambushed" by either Shadow Minions or a whole army.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 6, I don't like triggers, especially when they are for deadly ambushes.
(7) Changes? I suggest you remove the trigger, place those forces there at the start, and figure out some way to prevent bats from alerting the player, like maybe a bat predator, "Night Hawk" with a 1-17 strike (impact) attack.
(8) Restarts? None.
(9) Replay? I initially recruited just one round, 3 Vampire Bats, 2 L1 skeletons, and fortunately I had the foresight to recall 1 Shyde. The ambushing army nearly took out my loyal Direwolf Rider and my (critical) Lady of Light, Elynia. I quickly killed the enemy leader, and with his keep I recruited a few more units since I wasn't sure what other ambushes might await, but the later forces were not much of a threat. No early finish bonus, so I hope I don't need much gold for the next scenario.

Scenario 20: Under the Sands
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 226 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Very interesting backstory. And I appreciated the hints to keep going.
(5) Challenges? The main danger is the Assault Drones, and it doesn't help that there are Shadow Minions about. It requires careful defensive positioning for the first ~15 turns. After that, it's not hard.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 10. Another smashing success for atmosphere. Make sure you play with sound effects on for this one. Spooky!
(7) Changes? I think the nest should have a swarm of those Assault Drones on guard.
(8) Restarts? Two restarts from start after losing on the very first turn.
(9) Replay? I recruited two castles of troops, with an emphasis on arcane damage. I should have recruited more "floaties" that can go over abysses. I had a Warrior Spirit, but it died, and I sacrificed a Ghost intentionally to save my Sorceress from the Assault Drones. For floaters, that left me only a very useful Shadow that had leveled from Ghost, plus some bats.

Scenario 21: The Heart
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 654 starting gold (+1184 for Dwarves)
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7.5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Fine.
(5) Challenges? The main challenge is not losing a critical (or loyal.)
(6) Fun? (1-10) 9, excellent. You'd think someone would have done this style before, but no.
(7) Changes? I suggest you give all your birdies (like Thunderbirds) a stated skirmishing ability, because effectively that's what they do.
(8) Restarts? One restart from start after losing my leader to Walking Corpse style attacks in the fortress.
(9) Replay? With my one failure came the knowledge of how heavily to recruit, and the answer is "not very." Since there is no early finish bonus and the scenario is not as hard as it looks, it's best to maintain positive income and then milk the turns for gold. For my recruits, I relied heavily on the dwarves, because I wanted to maximize my own income. I didn't want to bankrupt the dwarves either, but more like equalize our gold, though I wasn't sure what was to come in future scenarios. Of course, I started by knocking out the northern leader. Then I made a semicircle against the enemy troops that were streaming out of the fortress and gradually compressed the ring until they were no more. I lured out the Sentinal types with baits of bats and dwarves to make advancing into the fortress relatively safe. Also, some Sentry Towers needed to be taken out, and I wished I had more than one Shadow, because they are great for an automatic Sentry kill (with another unit to create the backstab.) The scenario ended unexpectedly for me on turn 22/46 when I accidentally killed the last leader. I had assumed there was another leader in the center. So, I didn't milk the gold well, but I also didn't spend much gold, so it probably worked out okay.

Scenario 22A: Innuendo
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 831 starting gold (but irrelevant)
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Fine.
(5) Challenges? The main challenge is not losing a critical in the final battle.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 9
(7) Changes? General Wesnoth bug: my loyal Direwolf Rider starts the scenario poisoned yet full health, which seems like an impossibility. One thing I think you should change is the ambush. Triggered ambushes are a pet peeve of mine. One of the things I don't like about them is that the enemy can wind up teleporting into your troops, violating ZOC's. Another thing I think you should change is Lord Ledinor starting critically injured and then being healed to fulll strength in one turn. Why doesn't Elynia do that any other time? There's just no reason to heal him in one turn. Let the player heal him. There's no enemy around, so it's totally safe for him to be walking around with 1 hit point. At the start of the scenario, there is a long delay as if the computer is generating tunnels, but the setup is the same each time. Bug?
(8) Restarts? Two restarts from start due to Lord Ledinor dying in the final battle, twice. I learned and sacrificed two noncritical units the next time and won. However, then I had to replay later for a better set of units for the next few scenarios.
(9) Replay? I wanted a Shyde-Sylph army, but I had only two of each, so I recalled two Shamans, which were easy enough to advance in this XP-rich environment, where even opening doors gives XP. I also recalled my highest AMLA'ed Nightgaunt, Spectre, and Forefather. I advanced carefully, using control-v like crazy. I gave the potion of dexterity to my dextrous Shaman, who eventually became a "super Sylph". I gave the arcane ranged attack to a dextrous Shyde. I gave the strength potion to my Direwolf Rider. To make a point about how stupid the ambush trigger is, I had my Direwolf Rider creep up to just before the trigger, then run over to the other side of the room where he would be ZOC-locked and behind all these enemy forces that came out of nowhere. (I almost lost him as a result.) The falling walls used in later scenarios are a better way of making ambushes. I won on turn 49/68 with no losses.

Scenario 22B: Face of the Enemy
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, gold is not applicable.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 9
(3) Objectives? Okay. In one play, I had units sitting on the keep a long time (healing) and so the boss didn't come during that time, and I was frantically rushing off in all directions to find something.
(4) Dialog? Okay. The Chaos Overlord says, "the formidable Lady of Light," but this doesn't really fit with the arrogance of the Chaos Overlord. I would suggest weakening it, like "the perhaps once formidable Lady of Light".
(5) Challenges? The first challenge is just finding where to go. If you fight in the northern tunnel and then head east across the water, you won't make it back in time to finish the scenario. You have to learn to fight and run and go directly to the southwest corner. There, you have to advance fairly slowly, though sometimes you can make a big rush. You might lose a wounded critical unit when the Chaos Overlord comes or when it reappears, and then it's game over.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 10. Great Alien-esque atmosphere. What makes this scenario work is that you introduced the elements before. If I had been hit with respawning units, weird flying/skirmishing level 0 units, and the Chaos Overlord all at once, it might have been too frustrating. As it is, this scenario has a solid foundation in the previous ones, so great job building your campaign. Also, this scenario is super hard, and if it had been anywhere but near the end of the campaign then I might object, but it's perhaps just about the correct difficulty here.
(7) Changes? I don't like how the Chaos Overlord reappears unslowed, in the midst of your likely heavily wounded units, ready to slay one the next turn. I suggest that you make her reappear near the gate. This would give the player a turn or two to protect his vulnerable units. You might then need to extend the time needed to create the Union, so that the player is forced to protect Mal and Elyna (who are frozen.) I had a bit of conceptual confusion about the Union. I thought of Mal+Elynia as the "Union", but it's not sufficient to just attack the Chaos Overlord with Mal - you have to switch his attack to the one with "Union". Maybe Mal's Union attack should be made more powerful, so that his attack will default to that.
(8) Restarts? I lost once due to time (after going east), a couple of times to the wizard types in the final room and three times to the Chaos Overlord after she reappears. I restarted from start each time.
(9) Replay? I raced for the final room, gathering XP for my few remaining L2's along the way. There, I took my time and cleared the room safely. The Chaos Overlord is not all that hard to kill. My main strategy is to lure her out of the stronghold with bait, so that she is in 40% defense instead of 60%. I slow her and then hit her with ranged attacks, especially ranged arcane attacks. What is hard is to kill the Chaos Overlord and then be in good shape for her reappearance. She then suicided herself, so I had to kill her a third time. Then I made the mistake of not switching Mal's attack to "Union", so I had to kill her a couple more times!

Scenario 22C: The Dark Hive
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, gold is not applicable.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 9.5
(3) Objectives? I suggest the objective be changed to "Defeat Elyssa with a Union attack from Elynia or Mal Keshar". The objective could change to this following the first normal hit on Elyssa (which she auto-heals) and the dialog implying that you have to use Union. Another reason to do this is that it is possible to miss a line of dialog if you click at the wrong time.
(4) Dialog? Good, but I think the dialog should explain the Chaos Overlord's new power (absorbing all non-Union damage). Before she runs away, she could say she will only grow stronger as she gets closer to the Master. I wasn't sure what the warning about small passages was about, but then my leader did almost get trapped in a small passage in the southeast of the map (near Medusa, the L3 Demoness Warrior), so I guess that is what you meant.
(5) Challenges? It's not that easy to get past the combat in the "infinite void" room, and then Chaos Overlord summons a spam horde that is surprisingly dangerous, plus you have to deal with Shadow Couriers, who are really tough unless you bash them to death. Even harder is killing the Chaos Overlord with just Union attacks.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8, excessively hard, but maybe appropriate for the last scenario... but it's not the last! Great atmosphere, like Dante's Inferno.
(7) Changes? When Erathan dies he does not turn into a Walking Corpse. Maybe Mal should say, "Ah, I'll let him rest in peace." Submerging drones are interesting and I think you should give them more screen time. For example, the big room where the Chaos Overlord is first seen could be turned into a big pool of water, some deep, maybe with an island in the middle for the Overlord.
(8) Restarts? No save loads, but I lost several times, then I went back two scenarios and replayed for a better starting cast, and it still took me several attempts. My new start was with 3 Shydes, 3 Sylphs, a Nightgaunt, a Forefather, a Spectre, and then the loyals and criticals. I think that's near optimal.
(9) Replay? I rushed forward, as time can be a concern. I had to be just a little careful in the big room where the Chaos Overlord runs away. Then I had to be very patient in the room over the infinite void. I formed a hedgehog in the north of the room, then split into two hedgehogs, one continuing to block the north entrance and the other starting to make progress south and taking out a deadly L4 Shadow Courier. Meanwhile, the Chaos Overlord had spammed L1's in the south, so I withdrew slightly northward for a better defensive line and waited it out. I maneuvered, trying to lure out the second L4 Shadow Courier, to no avail, so I finally lured out the Chaos Overlord and then pounced on the Shadow Courier. In general it's easy to rush too much here, but you should just take your time, slow the Chaos Overlord every round, and heal Mal and Elynia as needed. I had no losses, very deliberately, to prepare for the next scenario.

Scenario 23A: The Frozen Hell
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, gold is not applicable.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 6.5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Fine. Maybe there should be something to rationalize the +30% for chaotics.
(5) Challenges? Rushing can get you into trouble.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 7
(7) Changes? None necessary.
(8) Restarts? I played it twice, since I replayed the previous scenario.
(9) Replay? I steamrollered the enemy, but I was cautious, since I wanted no losses.

Scenario 23B-1: Welcome to the Lair, Part 1
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 90 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 5.5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? After you kill the chimera, the dialog says all the chickens are collapsing, but by that point there will be no chickens anyway.
(5) Challenges? Don't panic.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 6, it is just tedious.
(7) Changes? If the chickens had nightstalk, it would be more challenging. Also, it seems like the northern gate to the chimera's room should be easily openable, so the player has a short route to kill the chimera rather than killing all the chickens first. About the starting gold and recruiting, I don't like it. I don't like that my huge horde of gold was taken away permanently, and I don't like that this gold came from nowhere. Maybe the gold could be in a chest near the door. I can recruit only 3 types of skeletons, which makes me question whether I should even be allowed skeletons. Ghosts make the most sense to me, and they would provide for more strategy in the next scenario if they carry over. (You could make Shadows and assassinate the Matrix Cores to stop the spawning.) Whatever you recruit here should continue to the next scenario. I ended this scenario once with a skeleton crossing the finish line, and even it did not continue to the next scenario.
(8) Restarts? I managed to lose the first time by panicking and running away from the chickens!
(9) Replay? I didn't recruit, because it's just annoying to move extra units that I don't need and can't keep. I killed the first two leaders and then cruised ahead. It said 100% of gold was carried over, which might tempt the player to hit "end turn" about 120 times at the end to mine gold, but it turned out no gold was carried over.

Scenario 23B-2: Welcome to the Lair, Part 2
(1) Level, version, gold? Nightmare, 1.11.16 with, 280+6 starting gold.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 9.5
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? When they are asking for the boss' identity, of course we know who it will turn out to be, but I think you need to motivate why they would even ask. Maybe Ledinor could say, "Incredibly powerful magic users do not come from nowhere. I am certain I must have heard of you. To whom am I speaking? Declare yourself!"
(5) Challenges? You will get run over unless you do something creative. It damn easy to lose a critical, especially Ledinor, if you put them on the front line, due to the suicide tactics of the AI.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8, tedious but terrifying.
(7) Changes? You should definitely keep the recruits from the previous scenario. Also, there was a bug on one of my playbacks: I got a death knight and friends with no dialog, and then much later I triggered the boss and got another death knight and his friends plus the dialog. (I can dig up a save file, if you need it.) The Death Knight is sort of annoying, since he is very likely to die instantly (possibly twice! :)) You could remove Ledinor's ranged attack (with some dialog about it) as more foreshadowing of his fate. This would make the scenario easier, since his ranged attack makes him more vulnerable to suicide attacks. And I know it would be a pain to correct, but this really needs to be a distinct scenario from the previous two. There are two reasons for this. First, players who do not save-load will either have to make an exception here or painfully replay the previous two parts every time they lose this part. Second, at the end of this part, Wesnoth will ask if you want to overwrite the replay file, which briefly confused me.
(8) Restarts? Several losses, then I went back a few scenarios to resurrect my lost units. It was still hard. I won once with a save-load and also a load from where this sub-scenario begins. Then I did a clean win with no save-loads, starting from the Frozen Hell. Whoo-hoo! That is really hard.
(9) Replay? I tried going south and turning east, and I got run over. Then I tried going south and holding, but got run over. I had to rethink. Turns are unlimited, so that pointed to my favorite strategy: find a good stalemate line and wait out the enemy assault. I found that by going northeast and not drifting too far south I could avoid triggering the boss. I made an initial solid line in the northeast corner to protect against Minions and then took out the L4 Shadow Courier. Then I crept south to trigger the boss' recruiting. Next, I quickly retreated to stalemate lines in the northeastern tunnels. You have to think twice before putting criticals on the front line. Ledinor's only duty should be to clean up units that have spawned behind the lines. Once all those enemy units were cleaned up, I headed south, spent all my gold, and advanced on the boss. I used a nearby healing crystal to heal Elynia so I could finish the job. When the boss dies, he spawns a Minion. Was that intended? Another strange thing is that Argan sometimes heals himself when he attacks. I don't mean that he doesn't take damage. I mean he goes from heavily wounded from Union attacks to full health when he kills a unit, but only sometimes. Was that intended? You can see it in the replay. Similarly, if Argan is already wounded but you attack him with a non-Union attack (i.e., slow), this can fully heal him.

Scenario 23C: Broken Heart
Not much to say here. It's okay, just enough of a challenge for what is essentially an epilogue. However, there is a big bug. You lose if Erathan dies. However, this is not listed in the objectives and also you do not lose if Erathan dies in the previous scenario, so it is not very logical. Also, why do you get your loyals but not your other troops that have stayed with you for the last few scenarios? There is another bug: Minions can appear in the walls.

In the epilogue dialog, Galas is awfully wussy, saying he basically has no life and so will follow Elynia.

I finished the whole campaign with no save-loads!

Final Thoughts
Overall, this campaign is a work of art, with influences from Aliens and Dante's Inferno while still being quite original. I appreciate the huge effort in the scenario and unit design. Sometimes the campaign designer is trying to make Wesnoth into something it is not, like with the AMLA bonuses for Elynia, but then again this adds spice. The two things that stand out in my mind are the second scenario and the last few. On nightmare, a Real Confrontation either needs to be made easier or there needs to be a walkthrough to explain how I was doing it wrong. I feel there's too much pressure to get Druids out of the first scenario to prepare for it. The second problem area is from Innuendo to Welcome to the Lair, where you basically have the same units all the way. Usually the whole goal of a campaign is to advance units and accumulate gold so that you can beat the final tough scenario. In the final scenarios here, your gold pile is thrown away and it really doesn't matter what units you already had. (There is so much easy XP to be had that you can start Innuendo with just recalled Citizens and win the campaign!) Instead, all that matters is which units you choose in Innuendo and whether you can keep them alive for the next few scenarios. Face the Enemy, the Dark Hive, and Welcome to the Lair (part 2) are all very hard, but not unduly so for the length of the campaign. It might make sense to split the campaign into two, with the second starting at Innuendo, rather than where you have that odd "quit or continue" dialog before the Heart. Finally, I suggest you cater to those who do not save-load by splitting Welcome to the Lair into two scenarios: Chickens from Hell and Welcome to the Lair. That would help a lot for those who are having trouble with Welcome to the Lair (part 2) and aren't willing to load from a save file from about turn 45 from after they finish the first part of Welcome to the Lair.

Thanks again for a great campaign!
Replays of all the scenarios. Unzip. Copy to your saves directory. Files all have "Maiklas3000" in the name, so they won't overwrite your replays.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

Post by Pepe »


Here is spanish translation (100%).

I dont know if AI is lately active maintaining add-on translations.

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

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It would be nice if people asked before translating UMC. As things stand now, odds are less than 10% of the translation will work once I’m finished with the rewrite.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

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Less than 10%?

That will kill me.

This is the most difficult add-on that i have translated ever.

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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.7) for Wesnoth 1.10 & 1.

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Japanese translation in this campaign is very old.
So I remake it with friends, and here is the file.
I checked this file and it worked on version 1.90.7(wesnoth ver is 1.12).

Woud you replace old file with new one?
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Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.8) for Wesnoth 1.12

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Code: Select all

Version 1.90.8:

- General:
  - Non-versioned upload to the Wesnoth 1.12.x add-ons server.
  - Fixed ability/weapon special-related description format deprecation
  - Fixed [ai] protect_leader deprecation warnings.
  - Fixed ellipses.
  - Fixed terrain aliases.
  - viewing_side -> side in SUF [filter_vision] tags.
  - Mention AtS at the end of the epilogue.

- Language and i18n:
  - Updated translations: Spanish, Japanese.

- User interface:
  - Fixed cutscene theme menu bar background.


- General:
  - Non-versioned upload to the Wesnoth 1.12.x add-ons server.
  - Fixed side 1 being unintentionally reset after scenario 13, and possibly
Author of the unofficial UtBS sequels Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm (now available for Wesnoth 1.14.x and 1.15.4+).
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.8) for Wesnoth 1.12

Post by ahmannar »

Can you give any information about the progress of the campaign´s rewrite and/or about the main changes that will happen? It would be awesome to know more details of the rewrite of probably the most popular wesnoth campaign.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.8) for Wesnoth 1.12

Post by vultraz »

He's about halfway done with it. As far as I know, all the scenarios up comprising Episode 1 have been worked on. I don't know when the rest will follow suit, but hopefully in the not too distant future.
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Re: Invasion from the Unknown (1.90.8) for Wesnoth 1.12

Post by MRDNRA »

On the scenario "face of the enemy", it seems the enemy boss doesn't trigger well. I'm on windows, wesnoth ,version 1.12.1, latest available version of campaign. Is there anything specific that triggers the boss? I lost on first attempt once it emerged on turn 39 (after reaching the keep about turn 20 or so), then after losing I reloaded to turn 37 or something, moved to the keep, and the boss didn't trigger at all causing me to lose on time limit.

Edit: Got past it now!