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Re: Sir Galvin Scenario Development

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Here are things I noticed that might be of concern to you!
I played on "normal" difficulty, I found it to be fairly easy overall (but not in a bad way).
On the missions where the objective is "get to location x" I would have liked it if you would have specified which specific unit or units I needed to get to the destination.
Some enemy leaders tended not to attack (I noticed this in "across the bridge" and "snowy pass"), which seemed odd (in across the bridge especially, since my units in the swamp seemed quite vulnerable).
On "across the bridge" the second orc leader (the one that starts on the side you are crossing) sent all but one of his "flanking" units over the main bridge rather than across the side crossing I was using. This made it very easy to get across!
On "where are we" the elves did virtually all of the work against the main orc army--all I really did was kill the messengers. This may be intentional, but if you want the player to have a more active role in fighting the orcs, I would suggest nerfing the elvish forces slightly.

I liked the campaign so far--it's been a while since this thread seems to have been posted on, but I hope you keep working on it if you can!
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