To Lands Unknown - 10th Anniversary!

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Re: To Lands Unknown - 10th Anniversary!

Post by inferno8 »

@Helmet: This thread is not a good place to discuss such technicalities. Soon I'll contact with you via PM and describe the process more in-depth ;)

And thanks for the kind words. @Heindal @Konrad2 - I thank both of you too, especially for your TLU and EoMa support in the past :)
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Re: To Lands Unknown - 10th Anniversary!

Post by Master389 »

I got a problem with teleports on the level with them I can't go throught them with my units. Help !!! :augh:
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Re: To Lands Unknown - 10th Anniversary!

Post by egallager »

This campaign was very good; I enjoyed it a lot! I almost made it the whole way thru without having to edit it at all, until I made it to scenario 19 (Sky Kingdom), where I had to give myself a few extra turns: ... ds_Unknown
Anyways, I'd love to see more of this in the future! I feel like there were some loose ends left untied that could do with being tied up in additional campaigns or scenarios, but, given how time-consuming it must be to create assets that are high-enough quality to match those found in the rest of the campaign, I can fully understand if that doesn't happen. Thanks again for creating it!
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Re: To Lands Unknown - 10th Anniversary!

Post by Otdoy »

I must have first played this campaign.... 7 or 8 years ago? I remembered the lovely layouts, and the really hard gameplay. One scenario in particular where you had to climb a mountain, sacrificing many of your best units on the way. So it was with a little apprehension that I downloaded it again last week. Only to be BLOWN AWAY by the amazing graphic improvement and the reworked scenarios!

So much work behind this... factions, mechanics, storyline. Unbelievable work. A simple thank you doesn't seem like enough! But here it is, and congratulations for delivering one of the very best BfW experiences possible. Honestly with the stress we're living through this winter, it has been wonderful to escape into the struggles of another world :lol:
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