After the Storm (0.2.1) for Wesnoth 1.7.8+ ONLY

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Re: After the Storm (0.2.1) for Wesnoth 1.7.8+ ONLY

Post by Iris »

No. See mainline bug #15429 [], which is fixed already. You'll need to wait for 1.7.14, though.
Author of the unofficial UtBS sequels Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm (now available for Wesnoth 1.14.x and 1.15.4+).
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Re: After the Storm (0.2.1) for Wesnoth 1.7.8+ ONLY

Post by sandmanvt »

Hi shadowmaster, first of all, I'm a huge fan. Incredible storyline you've built here. Here are some things I have seen.

Scenario 1 - Seemed good

Scenario 2 - No real issues, except a necrophage in a tent didn't heal in the beginning. I kind of feel like I saw this happen another time later too with an enemy troop in a hut.

Scenario 3 - For some reason there is a Leader crown thingy on a mountain in the southeast. Also, this scenario can be made WAY too easy by just taking all your troops southwest and waiting for the elves to kill each other. Also, it says that reinforcements will arrive in 21 turns but it was 25 (maybe because I was playing on difficult?)

Scenario 4 - no problem.

Scenario 5 - pirate ship to left of krisval and one southeast of tirigaz don''t disappear, you can keep 'discovering' the gold and get really rich.

A couple more general points - is it on purpose that Mal Keshar no longer brings troops back from the dead? Spawning bats like in the last campaign no longer works...

In IftU 'inevitable' is spelled wrong in one of the later scenarios.
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Re: After the Storm (0.2.1) for Wesnoth 1.7.8+ ONLY

Post by alex_kr »

project is dead?
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Re: After the Storm (0.2.1) for Wesnoth 1.7.8+ ONLY

Post by artisticdude »

Project is not dead.

UPDATE 2012-09-29: I’m archiving this topic now. See this other topic for information on the current, more complete version.
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