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Post by illcwaticando »

over the next few weeks ill be making campaigns with this era, leave your comments and ideas here please
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Post by turin »

Ehm, you plan on writing multiple campaigns in the span of only a few weeks? :roll:

Good luck.
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Post by DonPogi »

What kind of campaigns?

Does it mean there will be no improvements on EOR for a short while?
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Post by Brutorix »

This is the plan we discussed last night that I myself have edited a bit.

@Turin: I know how unrealistic this sounds but you should see how fast he's been spitting out his Era. Watch how this unfolds before you dismiss his claims. 8)

To those who will want to play the campaign and go into the story as they play it should not continue to read this page as it will have many spoilers.

The characters as we have them:
Unnamed King
- Relatively weak-willed
- Rarely fights in battles

Unnamed Prince
- The legitimate heir
- Innocent at the beginning of the campaign
- His personality visibly degrades into that of a tyrant due to the coaxing of the corrupt general
- At the beginning of the story he is often manipulated, this changes as time goes on

Corrupt General
- A warmonger
- Feeds the prince his lust for power and glory
- Manipulative

Noble Warrior
- A very chivalrous person
- The king's [censored], older than the prince and if his mother had married the king he would be the heir
- Appears in the first scenario then pulled out
- Comes back later to show the contrast in the personality of the prince from the beginning
- He leads a rebellion against the prince later in this campaign and ultimately retreats for the second

- Friend of the Prince
- Shows distaste for the change in the prince early on
- Dies due to a bad retreat call from the king (who was manipulated by the corrupt general)

Campaign Scenarios (As we have planned)
Scenario 1 (Lizardmen)
- The prince is given his first taste of battle, all of the heroes besides his father are with him
- You get a feeling for all of the characters and the role they will play as time goes on
- The Corrupt General subtly begins to feed the prince's lust for power
- The Noble Warrior tries to encourage the prince to learn and follow his own chivalrous ways
- It is revealed maybe half-way through the scenario to the prince that the Noble Warrior is actually his older half-brother (His father's [censored])

Scenario 2 (Lizardmen)
- Noble Warrior sent to another front (Implied that the Corrupt General caused this but never stated outright)
- The strategy employed by the prince (and firmly encouraged by the Corrupt General when he hesitates) traps and kills all the civilians as well as the few soldiers defending the Lizardmen villages
- The healer/friend shows disgust in his tactics at the end of the battle
- One of the Lizardmen's generals is killed in the battle and the prince gains political recognition, this gives him a much more secure hold on the throne after his father's death

Scenario 3 (Lizardmen)
- The Prince and his army move on the fortress of the Lizardmen
- A Lizardman Diplomat approaches and pleads the City's surrender, the corrupt general whispers into the prince's ear and he does not accept the lizardmen's surrender
- The healer/friend reminds the prince of her disgust for his previous battle and is even further disgusted when she realizes that he refused the surrender
- The siege takes place, there are massive casualties on both sides because of his decision
- The city is burned and the few survivors are taken as slaves

Scenario 5 (Unplanned)
- The healer/friend dies due to a bad retreat call from the king
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Post by Brutorix »

I've made the maps for the first three scenarios, they are by no means perfect but they should be possible to work with.

How do you want me to send them to you?
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the campaign

Post by illcwaticando »

next time im on we will testthem out, even if there highly unbalanced.
then once changes are made if any post them on here.
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to donpogi

Post by illcwaticando »

thank you for offering to make survival maps for my era . hope to see them soon.
and to answer your question , no improvements will still be made for the era as well as more races.
hope to have two new races up within the next week.
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Post by gotrek860 »

Where can we get that era? are you on 1.3.14or 1.3.15?
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