[WOU-20200605-1] Project Constitution

Permanent archive for updates on decisions or reports made by the Battle for Wesnoth Project Council and the Wesnoth, Inc. Board of Directors.

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[WOU-20200605-1] Project Constitution

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Establishes the Battle for Wesnoth Project Constitution


Executive Order


Board of Directors


Constitutional Vote - Transitory Provision I
In Favor/Against/Abstentions: 20/0/0


Following internal deliberation between April 3 2020 and May 3 2020 on the matter of the Project's direction, organization and its Constitution, as well as a constitutional vote which took place between May 3 2020 and June 5 2020, the first version of the Battle for Wesnoth Project Constitution was passed with 20 votes in favor out of a total of 20 votes.

As per Transitory Provision I, the Project Constitution becomes effective immediately.

* Reference version: https://www.wesnoth.org/constitution/
* Authoritative version: https://github.com/wesnoth/constitution ... itution.md

This first Wesnoth Organizational Update is intended to make this change known and allow its future archival for reference purposes.

Within the next days the Board of Directors shall organize a process for candidates to the Project Manager role to nominate themselves, and decide on a time-frame for such along with a Constitutional Vote per Articles 11 and 12.
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