Translating unit names and Music names

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Translating unit names and Music names

Post by Arsivnet »

Hello there, I'm working on translation and i've come across some valuable questions during my time. :geek:

First one is: Should the translators translate or localize names?
Some languages don't have W or X, some languages just use H instead of kh or their special character. Some words or syllables have a similiar pronounciation to a local word, should we change the syllable in to that word? :eng:

Second one is: Music names like "Elvish theme, Breaking the Chains, Frantic" should they be translated? :hmm:

I couldn't find anything on the wiki so i have come here to gather public opinion and perhaps an official guideline. :whistle:
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Re: Translating unit names and Music names

Post by GunChleoc »

Unit names can definitely be translated - just make sure to create a glossary in order to keep them consistent.
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Re: Translating unit names and Music names

Post by octalot »

This isn't official guidance, just the current status of other translations.

Thanks for mentioning "Breaking the Chains" in your examples, it's interesting because it appears in two different .po files: wesnoth-nr as the name of a scenario and wesnoth (core) as the name of the musical track. Here's the existing translations for languages that have translated at least one of them, with the scenario name on the left and the track on the right.

At least for cs, de and ja, it seems the decision was to translate the scenario name, but not the track name.

Code: Select all

cs.po: "Zlomení okovů"            "Breaking the Chains"
da.po: "Kæderne brydes"           ""
de.po: "Gesprengte Ketten"        "Breaking the Chains"
en_GB: "Breaking the Chains"      "Breaking the Chains"
es.po: "Rompiendo las cadenas"    "Rompiendo las cadenas"
et.po: "Ahelaid murdes"           ""
fi.po: "Irti kahleista"           ""
fr.po: "Briser les chaînes"       "Briser les chaînes"
ga.po: "Na Slabhraí á Bhriseadh"  ""
gd.po: ""                         "A’ briseadh nan slabhraidhean"
gl.po: "Romper coas cadeas"       "Rompendo as cadeas"
hu.po: "A láncok széttörése"      ""
id.po: "Memecahkan Rantai-Rantai" ""
it.po: "Spezzare le catene"       "Spezzare le catene"
ja.po: "鎖を引きちぎって"            "Breaking the Chains"
lt.po: "Grandinių sulaužymas"     ""
nl.po: "Ontketening"              ""
pl.po: "Zerwanie okowów"          "Zrywając łańcuchy"
pt.po: "Quebrando as Cadeias"     ""
pt_BR: "Quebrando as Correntes"   ""
ru.po: "Разбивая цепи"            "Разрывая цепи"
sk.po: "Zlomenie pút"             "Zlomenie reťazí"
sv.po: "Fjättrarna bryts"         ""
tr.po: "Zincirleri Kırmak"        ""
uk.po: ""                         "Ламаючи кайдани"
vi.po: "Phá vỡ xiềng xích"        ""
zh_CN: "冲破锁链"                  "破坏锁链"
zh_TW: ""                         "破壞鎖鍊"
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