Wose in italian

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Wose in italian

Post by nickanc »

I see that "Wose" in italian remains "Wose". In italian there is word meaning "tree-like life form" that is "dendroide" (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dendroide ). It is already used in games: e.g. it has been used in the translations of Heroes of Might and Magic serie to design these http://heroes.thelazy.net/wiki/Dendroid_Guard . Could we use "Dendroide" instead of Wose in italian translation?
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Re: Wose in italian

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

You may be interested in the fact that, nowadays, most of the discussion about the Italian translation is done in the Wesnoth Italian Forum, "Grotta delle Rune" section. As such, you may want to raise your question here as well: http://wif.altervista.org/index.php/board,33.0.html
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Re: Wose in italian

Post by Antro »

Non conoscevo il termine... imparo qualcosa di nuovo!

Il dizionario cataloga "dendroide" come aggettivo e non come nome... però è interessante che "dendro" utilizzato come prefisso o postfisso ha valore di "albero", "di forma arborea", quindi magari si potrebbe coniare un nuovo termine...

Ci ragiono sopra...
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