Where some strings are used?

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Where some strings are used?

Post by filipeborges »


I'm in the middle of my work translating wesnoth to Brazilian Portuguese and I'm wondering where some strings are show or used in the game.
Most of them came from the file "data/hardwired/english.cfg".

Using an example (taken from http://svn.gna.org/svn/wesnoth/branches ... h/pt_BR.po HEAD on branch 1.8):

Code: Select all

#. [[language]]
#: data/hardwired/english.cfg:25
#, fuzzy
msgid "$name's Swamp,$name|marsh,$name|fen"en"
msgstr ""
I know it came from the file 'data/hardwired/english.cfg' line 25, but I can't find where it is displayed or used in the game
If anyone knows where it's used, please help me. :-D
Filipe Borges
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Re: Where some strings are used?

Post by AI »

It's used for automatically generating names for swamps. (used in multiplayer random maps)
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Re: Where some strings are used?

Post by ivanovic »

Please also have a look at this (sticky!) thread for some basic explanations:

Basically all kinds of strange name combinations are used as labels on (randomly generated!) maps. This way a village/road/mountain/forest/... can have some "name" like eg "Konrad's Swamp".
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