Windows Installer localization

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Windows Installer localization

Post by Gallaecio »

Today I was suggested to review the Galician (gl) translation of the Windows installer, which I found at ... e%20files/

The thing is, there seems to be some strings that are specific to The Battle for Wesnoth, which I found at ...

My question is: are those translatable? And if so, how do I do to translate them?
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Re: Windows Installer localization

Post by Dugucloud »

The same situation has troubled me since a long time ago. I suggested to re-package them in Chinese but nobody can do it.
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Re: Windows Installer localization

Post by loonycyborg »

Wesnoth-specific strings in the installer are currently not translatable. But probably it's possible to make them translatable using the means provided by nsis. Perhaps it's even possible to make installer's translations be available among other wesnoth's po files. I'd be looking forward to this job if NSIS's language weren't so annoying.
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