Question about the Czech Translation

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Question about the Czech Translation

Post by Telchin »

I'm sorry if this is a wrong place to ask, but in the first version of Wesnoth I have played (0.8.8) Lancer and Nightgaunt were translated as "Jezdec s dřevcem" and "Noční děs". However, the recent versions (I have 1.8.4 currently) leave their names in English. I notice there are other units with non-translated names (lich for example), but I find it weird that a translated name reverted back to English.

Also I think there is an untranslated line of dialogue at the beginning of People in Decline (the Rise of Wesnoth).
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Re: Question about the Czech Translation

Post by Septim »

"Jezdec s dřevcem" is dull (prostě pitomé). Lancer is fine even in czech in my opinion.
"Noční děs" is acceptable, but I am not going to change it without broader discussion.
Lich is translated like lich.

I was looking for that untranslated line in TRoW, but I didt find it (and so didnt fix it).

P.S.: Send your campaign to Wescamp, we would translate it.
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