Using poedit's translation memory

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Using poedit's translation memory

Post by Mountain_King »

How does one use Poedit's translation memory to "auto-translate" the same words over and over (like sword, bow, and spear) again? Poedit says it has this feature, but I cannot seem to figure it out even after reading through the help. Anybody out there know how it works? Thanks.

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Re: Using poedit's translation memory

Post by hhyloc »

First, you have to add your language: open "File" menu > Preferences > Trabslation Memory tab.
Then click "Add", select your language from the window opened. Then click "Generate Database" > "Browse", at this step your have to browse to the folder contain every po files, ex: D:\Data\Translation
Then click "Next" and wait for the program to generate your database from the existing files.
From now on, every time you translate something, right-click on the string to see suggested translation, don't surprise if the suggested translation was incorrect, it's based on your translation for other similar strings.

Hope this help. :D

Edit: On the side note, this does not function like the auto-translate feature you're looking for, but at least that's what Translation Memory do, it work best when you translate some short strings that present in many po files like Death of Malin Keshar or Death of Delfador for example.
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