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Re: Japanese Font

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yma9 wrote:I have read that thread just now and tested as written in.
I seem it is improved certainly,and I think it's good default font with GPL full-compatible.
As you have guessed,I use MS-windows(ja) and apply OS's font to wesnoth.
(I heard OS license and this font designer grant using font without API on one non-commercial PC running OS)
So,I might be font-sensitive.
I think I say nothing anymore especially before 1.10.
Please try proceeding.
Thanks for your help and your comment on my proposal!

Actually my proposal certainly isn't the best solution possible if we can put license issues aside. (And I am not sure whether there are better solutions given the constraints.) I have tested Microsoft Ya Hei, the default Simplified Chinese font shipped with Windows Vista and 7, in wesnoth. (As you have noticed, we can use Windows default fonts in wesnoth, but we cannot distribute it in the game package.) And the quality is better than DSJ + DSF, especially in the GUI 2 sections. I do believe other CJK players (or in deed, any player) would have better fonts that exactly suit their needs on their systems.

(However, the rendering quality of texts is not determined by fonts alone, so Ya Hei being better in wesnoth under Windows 7 doesn't mean it is universally better than Droid Sans Fallback. Then there is something called personal taste. ;) )

Anyway, for now, before wesnoth can automatically use the system fonts, I believe Droid is the way to go. A working, imperfect default is way preferable to a nonfunctional one.

I don't think we can settle things down before 1.10, as a testing period is needed. I am looking forward to 1.10.1 as the first point release of wesnoth to correctly display CJK characters with default configurations, if replacing fonts is possible in the stable branch.
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