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Re: Translating images?

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Spring time again, I finally made time to give another push to this.

Regarding the difficulty of translators producing localized images, I wrote this test article: ... calization

which happened to have been already picked up, before I completely finished it: ... 81#p348281 (if I had to bet on who'd jump the gun, I would have bet on a Swede; I would have earned some money on that, apparently). The upshot was that Sgt. Groovy already provided a good quality logo, and commented that he may even provide some Gimp magic to further ease making localized logos.

At the top of the article I've also linked the proposed patch updated to 1.6 code, and the script to periodically to keep track of up-to-date state of localized graphics. The code side is the same as proposed earlier: for each image foo/bar/baz.png, the presence of foo/bar/l10n/LANG/baz.png is going to be tested and the localized file used if present. For the tracker script, I've abandoned the idea of mangling file names, as it kind of works against the concept of version control; as mentioned in the article, it will be enough to eliminate fuzzy images on packaging (that's a one-liner involing the l10n-track file).

I did retain possibility of overlay images. Maps got rather big in the meantime, so only ten languages with only main menu map would blow package size by 18 megs. This is, however, an orthogonal feature, so no price is paid.

I do realize that in the meantime it became possible to localize screenshots in the manual, using manual file name versioning scheme. Originally I had intended these too to be covered by the above tracker script, and I still think this would be better from the viewpoint of version control and unification of tracking ("just follow l10n-track"). But they can remain as they are, there is no technical need to mix them with in-game system.
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