Where are the mainline strings?

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Where are the mainline strings?

Post by Atreides »

I've tried searching for them but nada. I'm guessing they're in the binary .mo files. Is there a list of what strings are available? I've used the dozen files in my many add-ons but discovered that not all strings are included. Where can one find all of them? Should there not be a master mainline-strings.cfg file?
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Re: Where are the mainline strings?

Post by octalot »

In the source tree, they're po/domain/domain.pot. For example, https://github.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/blob/master/po/wesnoth-lib/wesnoth-lib.pot

lib is a library, the campaign Liberty has po/wesnoth-l/wesnoth-l.pot.
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