Wesnoth Crashing on iOS 11.3

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Wesnoth Crashing on iOS 11.3

Post by weiklstein »

Hi, I am not sure if it's just me or everyone but Wesnoth game was working fine with iOS 10 but today that I updated to iOS 11.3 on my iPhone it no longer is working. When opened, it only loads a blank screen and crashes after a while. Can anyone please help me fix it without loosing the game progress?
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Re: Wesnoth Crashing on iOS 11.3

Post by singalen »

Hi. If you have the HD version (1.14), please check that iCloud is enabled in Settings for Wesnoth app. Worst case, after it launches, it should sync the saves to iCloud, this can be verified in the Files app.

If you have the old iPhone version (1.10), then not much can be done, I’m afraid. But it’s being obsoleted in favor of HD version. Once the Wesnoth bundle passes the Apple review, you will be able to upgrade for free.
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