Wesnoth 1.13.10 (1.14 Beta 2): Development Release

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Wesnoth 1.13.10 (1.14 Beta 2): Development Release

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Wesnoth 1.13.10 is now available! This is the ninth development release in the 1.13.x series and second of the 1.14 beta releases! It delivers a huge load of bug fixes, polish, and improvements! If you want to know more about it, check out the forum thread with the list of changes in this version.

As on previous occasions, we also offer two versions of the changelog: a trimmed-down players changelog including only those items considered to be relevant in regular gameplay, and a more technical full changelog for enthusiasts and content creators.

The source code and Windows packages are already available on the downloads page. You may also find packages for other platforms there as they become available. The macOS package is not yet available.

Since this is a beta release in the lead up to a new stable series, please report any issues you encounter to us so they can be fixed for future releases.

You may comment on this release in the forums.
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