New iOS port maintainer needed

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New iOS port maintainer needed

Post by vultraz »

As Dave mentioned here, we're looking for someone to help us make a new iOS port of Battle for Wesnoth.
Dave wrote:Also incidentally, we are looking for a new coder to help port Wesnoth to iOS. If anyone is interested or knows somebody who is interested please let me know. The iOS port is badly out of date at this point and someone with those skills would be very much appreciated.
Our arrangement with the old port's maintainer is sub-optimal, not to mention the port itself is still on version 1.10 even as 1.14 is fast approaching. As such, we're looking for someone to create and maintain a new iOS port and keep it up to date with stable releases as they come out.

Keep in mind this is not a task to be taken with a dilettante attitude. We're looking for someone with both skill and expertise in app development who's willing to work on this long-term, as opposed to someone who would take this on as a learning experience.

Additionally, do note you will receive a cut of the profits from sale of the port on the App Store.

If anyone's interested, send me a PM here on the forums.

Thanks :)

EDIT (10/16/16): We currently have an interested party for this position. Any additional inquiries will be kept on file in case they decline the job.
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