Where should Wesnoth go next?

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Where should Wesnoth go next?

Post by Dave »

Since 1.0 has been released I've been considering the direction Wesnoth should take now. I'm still coming up with an answer, and I feel I should use feedback from users and developers.

So, where does the community think Wesnoth should go next? What would you most like to see happen with Wesnoth?
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Post by Neoriceisgood »

A Darawrf faction!
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Post by lisar »

My Vote is for MP Campaigns :p
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Post by Kestenvarn »

Yes, MP Campaigns would be great... sorta like tabletop gaming.
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Post by ILikeProgramming »

MP Campaigns and...
More user campaigns in wesnoth-development(unstable)
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Post by Pythagoras »

Continue to make Wesnoth more extensible as a game engine.
Multiplayer campaigns (built upon the KISS principle, of course)
Continue to improve artwork & music
nitpick: Rework or get rid of the "undo move" feature (not KISS enough, too many exceptions when you cant undo)
A "second" tutorial for teaching more advanced tactics.

This is hard with a game that's near perfect IMO...
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Post by irrevenant »

My personal preference would be to create a "Wesnoth 2".

IMO, Wesnoth 1 is awesome the way it is, and changes should basically be restricted to bug fixes and updated artwork.

A Wesnoth 2 fork can serve as a basis to develop more advanced/experimental ideas.

Kind of like Debian's Stable/Unstable model, I guess.

(And yes, multiplayer campaigns would be awesome :) )
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Post by ott »

Personally for the stable branch I would like to see the user interface being polished more. There are several dozen UI bugs and feature requests that are in the bug tracker, and many more that have been briefly discussed on IRC or elsewhere.

'Skip replays' is the single most requested feature, it would be nice to see some steps towards this -- eg. by adding an option to switch off all animations and attacks, and perhaps also screen updates in general, then setting this option while replaying, then switching it back.

In my view the stable branch is going to thrive if people keep creating new content for it. Therefore the engine should be as smooth as feasible -- with little WML irritations ironed out, major UI issues resolved, CampGen to help with the outlining of campaigns, various proposed campaign server enhancements, and general stability and portability fixes.
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Post by mtx »

I enjoy the game very much as it is now. Some things I would find fun and useful.

Multiplayer Campaings
Simultaneous allied moves (specially for MP campaigns)
Configurable turn time limits for MP (maps and campaigns).
Improve user interface (Campaign download, MP lobby)
Possibility to skip replays in MP.
GUI for MP commands.
Further improve the AI.
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Post by appleide »

ott wrote:many more that have been briefly discussed on IRC or elsewhere.

'Skip replays' is the single most requested feature, it would be nice to see some steps towards this --
Yup... I hate it that how in multiplayer, if you observe a multiplayer game during its 20th turn, you have to go through ALL 20 turns... takes at least ten minutes before you could interact properly with the players... (eg. When you get disconnected and want to rejoin)

Can't be that hard, can it?

I don't know of many players who uses these replays anyways, do you?
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Post by Lugo Moll »

I think envorimental sounds, weather effects and animations for idle units would be very interesting,,,
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Post by Olm »

Definitely MP Campaigns!
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Post by Woodwizzle »

I agree with ott, Polish the UI. Get long requested features like controllable (a la next turn, last turn, speed up, slow down, and pause) replays along with a table of updated stats.
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Post by HaJo »

ott wrote:I would like to see the user interface being polished more
Me too :-) Most of my observations & suggestions fall into the UI-category.
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Post by scott »

Campaign server improvements:

- Keys for local version in the campaign config file and content type in the pbl file

which allow

- version tracking and change notification
- content type filtering or tabbing
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