1.0 congratulatory thread

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1.0 congratulatory thread

Post by blackjack »

This is my 1.0 congratulatory thread...

I've been playing Wesnoth for more than a year, since version 0.5+... this has been a great trip, from a user who has spent hundred of hours "playtesting".

The developers have done a great job. BfW is a fabulous game, with a strong community.

Congrats to Dave, and the entire Wesnoth team, including those who may not be around to see 1.0.
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Post by MadOssor »

yeah great job!


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Post by gandalf »

Great work!
It's a very good game. You should feel very proud of yourselves.
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Post by theCAS »

So you did it :)

This is one of the few open-source game project to violate the 90% rule, it's a great achievement for the developers and a living proof that os games have a bright future before them.

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Post by Neoriceisgood »

I only have myself to thank! Muwahahahah!

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Post by Elvish_Pillager »


neo, you would never have gotten there without me to oppose you. You know, competition makes you preform better.
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Post by futabachan »

Congratulations on 1.0 of such a great game!
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Post by Artis »

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Has someone submited this to /. yet?
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Post by Folken »

Great job, boys!
Congratulations to whole team, especially to Dave for such a great, open-source spirit breathing, game. We are proud of you and so you should be of your achievement. Carry on! :D
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Post by turin »

Neoriceisgood wrote:The Drakes survived! IN YOUR FACE TURIN AND ELVISH PILLAGER!

All that matters is I will still never use them in a campaign that I write (except once in SE, but I'm really making fun of drakes in that scenario). If a later maintainer of one of my campaigns puts drakes into it, THEN you will have won.

PS: Please, STOP WITH THE D------ GREEN+BOLD. Or I'll force someone to edit it out with their moderator powers.
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Post by scott »

Congratulations everyone!

- scott, resident forum rabble
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Post by Dave »

Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

I would like to emphasize that Wesnoth hasn't been the work of a small team -- and certainly not the work of one person -- everyone who has played the game, given feedback, bug reports, ideas, or simply words of encouragement has helped immensely.

And yes, I did submit a story about it to Slashdot. Not sure if they will post it or not.

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Post by ILikeProgramming »

It is great to see how Wesnoth improved from about versions 0.5-0.6. Congratulations.
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Post by Zebulon »

Congratulations! :D
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Post by Cuyo Quiz »

*enters forum*


*starts downloading*

At least i looked at the forums in the right day.

Kudos and power to all of you :) .

/join party
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