What are eras?

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What are eras?

Post by Tomyellow »


I play BfW for a while, mostly campaigns, rarely MP.
I can not find any manual about what are different eras. I heard about default and age of heros era, but I don't know what do these mean.
Can anyone light a bulb in my mind?

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Post by bruno »

In different eras the factions are divided up differently. I think
Age of Heroes is similar to "default", but your leaders and
available recruits are one level higher. Classic is a bit different
division; the main thing I have noticed is that Saurians have been
split off from the Drake faction.
You can look at multiplayer.cfg for the details or modify that file
if you want some custom factions for your multiplayer games.
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Post by Keelta MacRonan »

In the wiki, there is a factions page where it displays the leaders and recruitment for each faction in each era.That might be helpful to you.
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Post by sanna »

You can get a graphical overview of the different factions by era at http://wesnoth.slack.it/units.cgi?factions
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