New Portrait Mods?

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New Portrait Mods?

Post by Makyvir »

I apologize if this has already been answered and feel free to slit my throat with your swords, but I am looking for specifically packages of new portraits to replace the ones in Wesnoth. Thanks!
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Re: New Portrait Mods?

Post by beetlenaut »

There is no package. However, you can download an old version of Wesnoth that has portraits you like and copy them over the portraits in the current version.
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Re: New Portrait Mods?

Post by shevegen »

> feel free to slit my throat with your swords

Dude, come on ...

Different portraits could be fun though. Like a hobbit theme - all main chars replaced
with different hobbits. Or something like that. You know, when you play wesnoth
while drunk ... perhaps add in some fairies too ... and elves wearing pink clothing...
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