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Re: Wesnoth on Liberapay

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Pentarctagon wrote: July 31st, 2020, 2:06 pm
mzs_47 wrote: July 31st, 2020, 7:19 am Can you please put this info/link on the main page of the website? I mean unless someone searches/stumbles upon this post, it is hard to discover.
Also, I just donated for the year and will continue sending and increase as I grow financially in life, and allowing onetime donation will also help users.

Wesnoth has entertained and continues to entertain me, my siblings and cousins in single player and multiplayer. Thank you!
There's a Donate section at the bottom of the main page, actually.
I mean somewhere at the top, like next to 'About'? Right now it is near the bottom.
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Re: Wesnoth on Liberapay

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IMO the top of the page should be focused on the game itself, rather than having a donation option there as well. That feels like it could be a bit obnoxious.
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Re: Wesnoth on Liberapay

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jostephs wrote: June 22nd, 2464, 4:02 pm Rose asked on Discord today about accepting bitcoin. He said that might make some individuals more likely to donate. How hard would it be for us to set up acceptance of bitcoin donations? We don't have to own BTC, we just need to be able to receive them. In fact, there are probably services that will accept BTC on our behalf and forward them into our bank account in USD.
you can do so on Liberapay ?
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