Offhand reference in Rise of Wesnoth...

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Offhand reference in Rise of Wesnoth...

Post by MathBrush »

I thought it was cool when I just started playing Rise of Wesnoth and it said at the beginning (to explain why humans hadn't made it to the great continent yet from the green isle):

"Things were worse still when sailing to the east. A strong, cold ocean current swept down from the north in the Eastern Ocean, pushing all ships horribly off course. Ships that traveled east and returned reported nothing but open ocean and vile sea monsters."

Apparently there were some ships that tried to go to the eastern continent and never returned, pushed too far to the south... Has anyone made any campaigns that follow these other ships?

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Re: Offhand reference in Rise of Wesnoth...

Post by BTIsaac »

If they made it at all. Most likely they didn't survive.

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