Swamp of Esten

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Swamp of Esten

Post by Alpha »

Is it just me or does The Swamp of Esten level in The Rise of Wesnoth seem a little hard? I have tried it several times on easy and every time failed miserably. I may not be a very good Wesnoth player but surely that is what the "Easy" difficulty is for?

When I played, the Undead seemed to have incredible luck and I seemed to be missing all the time. It might have been the terrain but how can a swordsman standing on grassland miss 4 out of 4 times when the scorpion he attacked (who was on grassland too) hit 4 out of 4 times.

I believe this level should probably be toned down on difficulty a bit.
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Post by Circon »

Naw, I think it's fine. Clearwater Port is the one that should be toned down, if anything.

My tips: Bring mages, thugs and bowmen.
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Post by Glowing Fish »

Yeah, it is hard...more so if you don't start with enough money, and with enough Level 2 units (might even be a Level 3 at this point).

A couple of things you might want:
1. Save your Iron Maulers from Level 2. They are big and heavy, and do lots of damage against undead.
2. Try to get a Red Mage and a White Mage by this point, along with the one you will pick up in this level. With two White Mages, you can send out two different groups that can both be healed. Send one East, and one South.
3. Bring along some Footpads and Thugs, esp Level 2 ones, so that you can rotate to fight at day or night.
4. Leave some units behind to make sure Vampire Bats don't steal your towns.

Oh yeah, and you probably want to start this scenario with at least 300 gold...which might seem like a lot, but is pretty easy if you beat the last scenario early.
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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

Circon wrote:Naw, I think it's fine. Clearwater Port is the one that should be toned down, if anything.

My tips: Bring mages, thugs and bowmen.
Clearwater Port? From my experience, sending out a foray of Horsemen first tends to make it easier.

My tips: Bring mages, mages, and mages. Send them in both directions, and follow with Haldric & Company. They're all you need to deal with the Dark Adepts. If you're skilled, you can get a whole bunch of White Mages on this level.
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